Is it true that breasts can loosen due to frequent exercise, let’s check the facts, Beauty!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Many rumors circulating in the community that too often exercise can cause sagging breasts. Is beauty one of the people who believe in this statement? In fact, exercise is very beneficial for the health of the body.

Instead of just guessing, let’s just read the explanation from Asthethic and Anti-aging dr. Dina Otaviani, M. Biomed (AAM).

Launching from Genpi, Tuesday (28/6/2022), Doctor Dina answered some of the myths that developed regarding women’s breasts. Together with hosts Desta and Vincent on TonighShowNet, both of them also asked about the myth that breasts can loosen due to frequent exercise.

“If the effect is excessive, it can reduce the volume of fat in the body, especially in the breasts,” explained Doctor Dina.

As a result, smaller, not slack. Moreover, when doing the formation of muscles and breasts will be more formed and toned.

“It also depends on the sport, if cardio is more fat burning, it automatically becomes smaller,” he answered.

Doctor Dina, who is her nickname, judged that the breasts were not firm because of the absence of formation. However, if you do sports formation it will be firmer but your breasts will shrink.

“Because the volume of fat decreases, it automatically loosens, but not all of it. It depends on the exercise earlier,” he explained.

Strong breast tissue, no matter how big the volume and shape will be, will stay and be tight. For that, Dina’s doctor advises not to overdo it and choose the right exercise.

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