Joey King Talks Being Violently High on ‘Kissing Booth’ Set, Her Fiance’s Major Fail While Proposing, & Bachelorette Party Plans

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Joey King showed off a new side of herself during her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The 22-year-old Emmy-nominated actress was interviewed by guest host Chelsea Handler during the show’s latest episode on Monday night (June 27) in Hollywood.

During the interview, Joey opened up about being engaged to director Steven Piet, the massive fail he had while proposing, plans for her bachelorette party, and getting violently high on the set of The Kissing Booth movies. She also talked about her new movies The Princess and Bullet Train.

Click inside to read some highlights from the interview…

“I can’t stop staring at [my ring]. It’s so pretty!” Joey said about being engaged. “He proposed on our three-year anniversary, which was February 2. February 2, 2022, 2/2/22, which was pretty cool. I get so giddy when I think about it. I start crying when I think about our wedding. I’m so happy.”

“[My fiance’s] name is Steven Piet. You mentioned The Act. That’s how we met, he was a director on The Act. And I pursued him. I waited until the end of shooting to ask him out, but to my delight, he was interested as well. And now we’re getting married,” she added.

Joey opened up about Steven‘s major fail while proposing.

“He set up a self-timer camera and we were in the desert taking photos together. I started shooting make-believe hoops and then he’s like, ‘Uh, Joey?’ and I turned around and he was on one knee. Our camera was sitting right there and the camera stopped taking photos right when he got down on one knee, so we’ve got nothing. But honestly, it’s okay. I really like that that moment was just for us. I’m okay with that,” she said.

Joey said that her sisters Hunter King and Kelli King will be planning a bachelorette party.

“My sisters are going to be in charge of the bachelorette stuff. But I’m a little nervous because Kelli, my older sister, her plan before… I turned 21 during the pandemic. She wanted to kidnap me, put a bag over my head, and take me to Vegas. Well, that didn’t happen. And because of that, I feel like she’s going to take me to a place where there’s a bunch of d-cks in my face and I really don’t want to do that!” Joey said. “Whatever they do, I’ll enjoy, but I just really don’t want to go to one of those places. But if they take me, I’ll enjoy it.”

Chelsea then asked Joey about the type of partying she enjoys, including if she likes edibles.

“I’m not a party girl, but I love me an edible,” Joey said. She then revealed a story that she “never wanted to see the light of day,” but decided to tell anyways.

“On my last day of filming Kissing Booth 2 and 3, I took an edible while we were filming. It was very unprofessional. I had seven more set-ups left. I still had more shots to do. And my friend Taylor [Zakhar Perez] who played Marco, he wasn’t working and he took one too, and I got like so violently high,” Joey said. “You know when you’re really high, all you know how to say is ‘I’m so high?’ That’s where I was at. And then I was supposed to hang out with other people, but then I ended up hanging out in my hotel room eating Shortbread Walker cookies and going to bed. I was the most well-rested out of everyone! Everyone was hungover, but I slept great!”

Joey then revealed which scene it was!

“If you’re a fan of The Kissing Booth, you’ll know what scene. I took it during the scene where me and my best friend Lee are on the boardwalk having a heart-to-heart about why I lied to him about college,” she said. “I was just so effing high.”

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FYI: Joey is wearing a milkwhite snake dress, Naked Wolfe shoes, a Cathy Waterman crown ring, a Le Vian sparkly ring, and Emanuele Bicocchi snake earrings.

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