Money is a factor that keeps the PPRT bill not ratified

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1NEWS – Founder of the Migrant Care Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Anis Hidayah assessed that money was a factor that prevented the PPRT Bill from being ratified.

Anis said that the PPRT Bill did not provide material benefits to policy makers.

Apart from having no money interest, the PPRT Bill is also purely a class struggle.

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“PRT is a class struggle. So, almost everyone who has domestic workers may have concerns when the PPRT Bill is passed,” he said at the Malaysian Embassy, ​​South Jakarta, Monday (27/6).

Anis said people who behave inappropriately with domestic workers are afraid of being criminalized.

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He thinks that the PPRT Bill is actually to regulate the relationship between employers and domestic workers, not just one party.

“It means for the good of both, not to criminalize, but to ensure that domestic workers and employers get fair treatment,” he said.

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On the other hand, Anis stated that the case of Indonesian domestic helper (PRT) Adelina Lisao could actually be a trigger for the government.

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