Nathalie Holscher Looks Luxurious in All-Gucci Outfit | 1NEWS

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OOTD Nathalie Holscher Momong Anak, The Price of Teplek Sandals Makes Literacy

Dreams – Sandals are footwear that is favored by many people when they want to carry out leisure activities. Besides being simple and comfortable, sandals also make your feet feel freer and can be worn immediately when you are in a hurry.

Sandals are also a fashion item that is often used by celebrities and public figures, one of the fans of this footwear is Nathalie Holscher.

Since having children, Nathalie seems to prefer to use simple fashion items. Comedian Sule’s wife is seen wearing a magnolia-colored sweater with a touch of ginger-colored lists on the sleeves and hem of the sweater.

Instagram @hermes.celebrity© Instagram @hermes.celebrity

Nathalie wore a champagne colored hijab and combined her appearance with pants made of spandex that were elastic and looked comfortable to wear.

Perfecting her appearance, the mother continued, Putri Delina, wearing flat slide sandals that look so comfortable to wear when carrying her baby. These beige sandals have a minimalist design with the strap shaped like the letter H.

These sandals from the Hermes fashion house are made of suede made from goatskin. This material is known to be durable, smooth, and more elastic.

Reported by Instagram @hermes.celebriti, the Oran Sandal Beige Macramé/Nude is priced at 950 euros or the equivalent of Rp. 14.9 million.