Prophet Yunus’ Prayer of Repentance and How to Repent in Repentance Nasuha | 1NEWS

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How to Repent with Nasuha’s Repentance

Even though humans commit many sins to associate partners with them, Allah is the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful God. Allah will continue to forgive sins for humans who want to repent in a compassionate way. In addition to praying the repentance of Prophet Yunus, you also need to pay attention to the following ways to repent:

1. Reflection and Self-Evaluation

The first way to repent is to do a self-evaluation. Muslims need to do appreciation and reflect on the sins they have committed so far in front of Allah.

Without contemplating the faults of oneself, humans will not find out what sins they have committed so far. Self-evaluation is carried out in depth, so that one can realize the truth and wrongness of oneself, and Allah’s guidance to humans will begin to come down and be revealed because humans are in a state of conviction.

2. Admit mistake

The next way to repent is to admit his mistakes so far, then ask Allah for forgiveness. Admitting mistakes means acknowledging the results of self-evaluation or what other people have told us for bad deeds.

Errors to anyone need to be realized so that humans can ask for forgiveness and will not repeat their mistakes.

Muslims who repent by repentance will do so in a position of surrender to Allah SWT. This acknowledgment of guilt is the first step to doing repentance nasuha.