Supporting MSME Economic Recovery, BCA Digital Distributes Credit Through P2P Communal Indonesia

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ACCURATE.CO PT Bank Digital BCA (BCA Digital) is now expanding its lending range. This time in collaboration with PT Komunal Finansial Indonesia (Komunal). Effective as of June 22, 2022, the loan limit from BCA Digital is in the form of micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) loans that can be accessed by the public through the Communal Financial platform.

Lanny Budiati, President Director of PT Bank Digital BCA, said that BCA Digital’s mission is to support MSMEs.

“Through this loan channeling collaboration, BCA Digital wants to reach more MSME players, so that it can gradually overcome the problems of access to financing that have been experienced by MSMEs,” said Lanny in a written statement to Warta Ekonomi, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

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Based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs as of April 2022, there are already 19 million MSME players connected to the digital ecosystem.

Lanny explained, Communal will be a bridge between BCA Digital and MSMEs that need business capital. Furthermore, this collaboration will be carried out with a channeling financing pattern.

This collaboration is the second time BCA Digital has distributed credit platforms through peer to peer lending. Previously, BCA Digital collaborated with Akseleran in December 2021. Since operating in 2021, BCA digital has disbursed loans of more than IDR 1 trillion, among others, through collaboration with various business partners. In addition, BCA Digital is also preparing a digital lending feature on the blu mobile banking application, which is aimed at BCA Digital customers.

President Director of PT Komunal Finansial Indonesia, Hendry Lieviant, sees this collaboration as a strategic step to accelerate Indonesia’s economic recovery, especially for SMEs.

“We appreciate the trust that BCA Digital has given to Communal as a partner for MSME loan distribution. The impact of this collaboration is very meaningful for many MSMEs who are reviving after being hit by the pandemic, especially those outside Jabodetabek where access to financing tends to be limited,” said Hendry.

Access to capital is indeed one of the thorny problems experienced by MSME actors. According to the records of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, every year the distribution of bank credit to MSMEs stays in the range of 20 percent. One of the problems is the lack of financial literacy of MSME actors for alternative financing for their business.


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