Tamara Bleszynski’s Pain Remembers the Suffering of Her Beloved Sister

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1NEWS – Tears Tamara Bleszynski spilled over remembering the suffering experienced by his late sister Teresa Bleszynski. During Tamara’s life, Teresa described life as depressed and sad.

His house in Pondok Indah disappeared. Assets are gone. The inheritance from his late father, Zbigniew Bleszynski, which should have passed to his only child has also disappeared.

Even more sad, when he was hospitalized, the child he loved so much was not allowed by them to visit. Until the word Tamara he intervened to help his nephew to see his birth mother.


“I witnessed how cruel they were to prevent my niece from visiting her mother (Teresa Bleszynski) who was sick in hospital,” said Tamara.

After that, Tamara admitted that she no longer knew what had happened to her sister. Until one day he got news from his nephew that his brother had died.

“His son came to my house crying with only his mother’s photo. All the real inheritance for my niece was gone,” Tamara continued.

Teresa breathed her last on July 31, 2010 at Pondok Indah Hospital, Jakarta. According to Tamara on Instagram, the cause and how it happened on Tuesday (28/6) were not explained by their side.

They sealed the death of Teresa. His body was not buried but cremated. In fact, according to Tamara, Teresa had a will that when she died she wanted her body to be buried in the grave of her father, Zbigniew Bleszynski.



“And at that time I was threatened by their side not to tell the media that my sister died. Why? Until now I don’t know why they did that,” admitted Tamara.

“What I do know is that my sister Teresa Bleszynski also owns a 20 per cent stake in our Hotel, which they manage,” he continued.

Currently, Mike Lewis’ ex-wife is fighting for justice. Not for himself. But for his family who are alleged to have been wronged by those who reportedly took what belongs to the Tamara family. The truth sooner or later says Tamara will be revealed.



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