The Story of 19 Golf Courses Gareth Bale Can Use in Los Angeles FC

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“What targets do you want to achieve in the near future?”

1NEWSGareth Bale seems to have made the wisest move of his career. He decided to move to MLS to strengthen Los Angeles FC in order to maintain hope of appearing in the 2022 World Cup with the national team Wales.

Bale smirked as he had “a lot” of options on the table ahead of this month’s play-off final win over Ukraine.

The forward, who turns 33 next month, actually has the option to continue his career in America or return to Cardiff. Basically, it was all done so he could lead Wales to their first World Cup final in 64 years.

And, what better place to prepare for arch-rivals England, Iran and the US in Group B than the sunshine and scintillating LA lifestyle.

Bale likes the quiet life in London and Madrid. He should have gone unrecognizable as a football star amidst the glitz and showbiz of Hollywood.

England co-stars, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampardand Wayne Rooney all of them had lived their life’s dreams while living in America.

10 Photos Celebrating First European Title for AS Roma

Despite some of their success in the world of football, they also commented on their overall experience living in Uncle Sam’s Country.

The same allure seems to have caught Bale’s eye as he prepares to sign a one-year deal with the Western Conference leader.

The forward himself said on the Hat-trick podcast in 2020, “I really like the league. It grew so much over the years.”

“When we came and played them in pre-season the game was difficult, the standard got a lot better.”

“The clubs are improving, the facilities are improving, the stadiums are improving.”

“This is a league that is on the rise and continues to rise. I think there will be more players who want to come to America and play here.”

“I would definitely be interested. I love going to Los Angeles for vacations.”

Away from football, Bale has already compiled a list of golf courses he will visit with his friends, such as Pebble Beach, Riviera, Torrey Pines, and Cypress Point.

On the pitch, MLS standards may not be as high as the Premier League or La Liga. But Bale hinted earlier this month that the transfer rate does not matter to him in his decision-making, as he will not lose his qualities wherever he plays.

He admits that he believes he will go into this month’s World Cup play-offs and is still under-prepared.

That makes him will try to maintain the top condition for the finals 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, the terms of the contract could perhaps be a nod to allow for the most anticipated career extension offer.

And, could this move play his 106th game and prolong his career. Or, can it be released after the third Euro final?

Bale was asked about Wales’ duties and he replied: “At the moment, I don’t know.

“It’s about seeing how I feel mentally and physically, whether I want to, whether I don’t want to. Time will tell.”

“The good thing is I’m in a great position in terms of my life and where I am.”

“I definitely don’t play football for money. So whenever I feel it’s right to end it, I’ll decide on my own terms.”

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