Until Asking Jokowi for Help, Here’s the Chronology of Marshanda’s Disappearance in LA and Finally Found – Boombastis

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Social media is busy talking about several Indonesian artists who are sick, even the death of a senior actress. A surprising thing is also being discussed, because Indonesian artists suddenly disappeared abroad. This is the first time this has happened to an Indonesian artist. Because they usually alwaysupdates their activities abroad and their fun there.

However, Marshanda was reportedly missing by his best friend. This has been widely discussed on various social media. How could Marshanda just disappear? Here’s more information.

Have bipolar disorder

Marshanda [sumber gambar]

The actress who was born on August 10, 1989 said that she had suffered from bipolar disorder since 2009. Bipolar disorder itself is related to mood, namely feeling depressed and having thoughts of suicide. In a podcast with Denny Sumargo, he also said that he had a breast tumor.

Marshanda goes missing in Los Angeles

Sheila Salsabila, a friend of Marshanda, explained that her best friend intended to stay a month in Los Angeles. He went to Los Angeles not for a vacation, but for treatment or so-called healing therapy for bipolar disorder. Marshanda went alone, followed by Sheila and their best friend, Jerren Lim. It is known that since 3 days ago, Marshanda has been in Los Angeles but he is difficult to contact.

Screenshot of Sheila’s IG story [sumber gambar]

Finally Marshanda was found, but at that time he was not wearing shoes and looked confused. After being invited to stay with Sheila, Marshanda ran away again and was found sitting on the asphalt by the roadside. The next day, Sheila says Marshanda just disappeared. This is known from Sheila’s upload on Instagram Story who also asked for help in finding her best friend. He also explained that he could not report to the local police because of differences in the American system.

Asking President Jokowi for help

Marshanda on Denny Sumargo’s podcast [sumber gambar]

It is known, Sheila also had time to mark President Jokowi and Deddy Corbuzier to ask for help. One of Sheila’s friends, also tagged Denny Sumargo for help. Marshanda’s family has yet to provide information regarding Marshanda’s disappearance in Los Angeles, United States. However, a surprising thing came from Indonesian netizens. They gave a cynical response about the disappearance of Sienna’s mother. Many do not believe it, even calling this incident a mere joke.

Marshanda has been found

After making a scene about his loss, news circulated that Marshanda had been found. The news of Marshanda’s discovery was revealed by Rosan Roeslani, as the Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia in the United States. Rosan said that the family requested the assistance of the Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in the United States to help repatriate Marshanda to Indonesia.

Currently Marshanda is under the supervision of the Indonesian Consulate General. This was also conveyed by Marshanda’s sister, Allysa. According to Sheila, Marshanda was found in a dangerous area with a fairly high crime rate. However, he as his friend is very grateful that Marshanda can be found soon.

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Luckily Marshanda has been found safe. According to experts, handling bipolar cases themselves must always be under supervision. They are afraid that they can hurt themselves and endanger their lives. It takes a lot of support from various circles to take care of each other.