Venna Melinda Compare Duration Of Love Between First Marriage And Now

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1NEWS – Venna Melinda remarried after nine years of widowhood. Venna’s heart was finally tethered to senior actor Ferry Irawan.

Three months into being husband and wife, their sex life based on a confession on the Orami Entertainment YouTube channel was so fiery. Not just every day. Venna even admitted that in a day she and Ferry could have sex twice.

“When I got married for the first time, I wasn’t like this, my vitality was to serve him, which doesn’t seem possible every day. Sometimes it’s twice a day, ma’am. Because of her request,” said Venna excitedly.

Short courtship makes them explore the affairs of the bed after becoming husband and wife. What surprised Venna was that the duration of sex between him and Ferry could be very long.

“At my first marriage, let’s say 15 minutes at most. It’s like I’m still tabata, 1 hour non-stop. I’m so wow! At night he sometimes gives another code, ‘What if you want to do it again?’ I’m the one ‘Oh my God, I’m washing my hair again’, even though it was only in the morning (making love) when Vania was at school,” added Ivan’s ex-wife Fadilla.

Venna expected their desire as when they were both 20 years old. “It’s not possible every day, the duration is 1 hour, sometimes I ask for it 2 times (a day). There have been almost three honeymoons.”

“Sometimes when Vania is sleeping, I’m cooking in the kitchen when I’m suddenly hugged (from behind),” he added.

Venna admits that she is a romantic woman and really likes husband and wife relationships. Having been a gymnast, Venna is strong in relationships. Only this time he got a balanced partner.

“Indeed, I’ve never had a partner. This is the first time I’ve got a partner (comparable) and I always say, ‘Give up,’” admitted Venna.


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