Visakha coach: We managed to stop Bali United’s key player

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1NEWS, Visakha FC coach, Meas Channa, said that he kept the opposing pillars as the key to defeating Bali United. The Cambodian team won 5-2 in the 2022 AFC Cup Group G at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Monday (27/06/22) afternoon.

Prior to the match, the former Nagaworld FC coach named Brwa Nouri, Eber Bessa and Ilija Spasojevic as key.

When Brwa Nouri and Eber Bessa were killed by Brazilian midfielder Marcos Vinicius and South Korean midfielder Lee Jae-gun, Bali United could not develop.

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Meanwhile, Ilija Spasojevic could not move with the control of a great defender from South Africa, Mohammed Faeez Khan.

Faeez Khan and Thierry Chantha Bin learned from their mistakes when Bali United scored a goal through Irfan Jaya in the 9th minute.

“We put pressure on the Bali United players. We stopped all the key players from Bali United. That’s why we were able to win the game,” Meas Channa said after the game.

Meas Channa is happy because this victory means more than just the team and Visakha FC supporters.

More than that, Visakha FC can show Asia that Cambodian football continues to grow. He also appreciated the contribution of the entire team crew.

“Very happy with the victory achieved today. This shows that Cambodian football is now developing. Thank you to the players and staff for their hard work from day one until now,” said Meas Channa.

Visakha FC Needs a Draw

Visakha FC only needs a draw to qualify for the semifinals of the Southeast Asia zone as group G winners. If this target can be achieved, the pride will increase again for the Cambodian people.

“I was very happy when Visakha represented Cambodia, won this match and showed Cambodian football to an Asian country,” said Meas Channa.

Meanwhile, added midfielder Lee Jae-gun, the victory achieved by Visakha FC is encouraging. This win is not a lucky factor.

The entire team crew as well as the coaches struggled during the preparation period, by training hard every training session. So, when they met Bali United, Visakha FC could look good.

“Very happy with what we got today, for getting three more points,” said Lee-Jae-gun.

Meanwhile, the coach of Bali United, Stefano Cugurra Teco, admitted that his team performed far below the best performance, as shown against Kedah Darul Aman.

“We have to apologize to the fans who came. We really lost a lot of organization and the opponent has the quality to score goals,” Teco said at a press conference after the match.

Physical Touching of Bali United Players

Teco alluded to the physical condition of his players who declined in the second half. This makes it easier for Visakha FC to control the game.

“Many players have worked hard against Kedah. Maybe for them the time (rest) two days is not enough to do the same intensity against Visakha,” explained Teco.

Teco admits that the physical condition of the players is not 100 percent yet. This is because football in Indonesia is currently entering the preseason.

“The opposing team from Cambodia is already in the competition, not in the preseason phase anymore. Their stamina and recovery are better,” said Teco.[]


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