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It’s no secret that Time Square is one of the icons of the city of New York, United States. Located on Manhattan’s main street, Time Square is a hub for upscale business, entertainment and hotels. There are things that make a number of Indonesian musicians and actors proud.

It is recorded that several actors have ‘shown up’ in Indonesia billboards Time Square. The reasons are various, ranging from promotion of songs to the films they star in. This is also proof that their works have been recognized internationally. Who are they? Check out the following article to the end!

Rich Brian

Rich Brian [sumber gambar]

One of Indonesia’s talented young people is Rich Brian. Well single as well as the albums released by him are always successful perched in chart top of the popular charts. His first album “Amen”, became the first Asian artist’s hip-hop album to top the iTunes chart. In 2018, he announced his name as “Brian” and took shelter in 88rising management. When releasing his second album “The Sailor”, Rich Brian had time to “mejeng” at the billboards Spotify Times Square New York.

Maudy Ayunda

Maudy Ayunda Times Square [sumber gambar]

Indonesian male and female idol celebrities, full of achievements, and care about education. Yep, Maudy Ayunda really deserves the title above. Famous for her many achievements, Maudy’s face once ‘showed up’ in Times Square in order to campaign for women’s empowerment, a streaming application, spotify. Isn’t it really cool, Sis Mod~


Raisa Andriana [sumber gambar]

Just like Maudy Ayunda, Raisa’s name is also one of the selected female musicians in Spotify’s Equal campaign. Raisa joinscapture and make-post his face plastered on billboards Times Square, NYC. “Times Square, baby! In the midst of challenges, this year is full of surprises,” Raisa wrote on her Instagram.

Weird Genius

Weird Genius Times Square [sumber gambar]

In July 2020, Weird Genius’s EDM Music was displayed in one of the billboards Times Square. The group consists of Eka Gustiwana, Reza ‘Arap’ Oktovian, and Gerald Liu. Not without reason, at that time Weird Genius was famous for single them, Lathi is indeed on the rise. Already heard by more than 100 million listeners!

Cast Ali and Queen Queens

Cast Ali and Queen Queen [sumber gambar]

Not only from among musicians, Indonesian films have also been displayed in Times Square. One of them is Ali and the Queen of Queens. Among them, Iqbaal Ramadhan, Nirina Zubir, Marissa Anita, Asri Welas, and Tika Pangabean. In his Instagram caption, Iqbaal wrote that he was very proud. “MUM, LOOK I MADE IT TO TIMES SQUARE!!!!!!” Write Iqbaal in the caption with capture posters of Ali and Ratu Ratu Queen.

Isyana Sarasvati

Isyana Sarasvati Times Square [sumber gambar]

The next talented musician to be featured in Times Square is Isyana Sarasvati. Together with Isyana, there are two other musicians whose photos are also displayed there. They are Sara James and Vincy Chan. “So thrilled to be featured on Times Square New York! Thank you @spotifyid @spotifyasia for featuring my new music, it’s such an honor to be given this chance to represent the women of Indonesia.” writes Isyana who is proud of her achievements.

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The achievement of getting into Times Square, of course, requires a long time and totality in the work. Some of the celebrities above have not only spread their wings domestically, but also abroad.