Persis Solo Performs Badly and Becomes the Key to the Group in the 2022 President’s Cup, Angry Supporters | 1NEWS

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Persis Solo’s poor results in the 2022 Presidential Cup by finishing as bottom of Group A sparked strong protests from the supporters’ group.

Host Persis Solo really learned a valuable lesson in Group A of the 2022 President’s Cup. During their four group stage matches, Laskar Sambernyawa was only able to pack two points from two draws and two defeats.

Finally, coach Jacksen F Tiago’s squad lost 0-1 to Persita Tangerang in their last match in Group A at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Monday (27/7/2022) night. This result made Persis have to be willing to finish at the bottom of the standings aka fifth in Group A.

Shown as group winners were PSIS Semarang with 10 points followed by PSS Sleman with seven points. Persita Tangerang is in third place with six points, while Dewa United is in fifth place with two points.

This disappointing result got an immediate response from Persis fans. The poor performance of the 2021 Liga 2 champion team in the pre-season event made fans hot.

In the match against Persita last night, the audience and supporters showed various actions and songs as a form of protest against the performance of their favorite team.

“Piye piye piye maine kok koyo ngene (How how do you play like this),” became one of the screams that were often uttered from fans. There were also repeated screams that forced the team to improve.

In addition, some put up a banner that reads “Half-and-half of Ojo Cleaning” demanding that Persis Solo’s management immediately clean up and not be half-hearted.

The reaction became even more intense when Samsul Arif was unable to maximize his chances when executing a penalty kick against Persita. Various expressions then came out of the supporters who were present at the stadium.

The enthusiasm of the Persis Solo audience itself actually increased quite dramatically compared to the time against Dewa United. From the data released by the Panpel, the number of spectators for the Persis vs. Persita match was 11,689 spectators.

This figure is double that of the Persis Solo match against Dewa United which only recorded 5,413 spectators.

This bad result also drew sharp criticism from netizens and Persis fans on social media. The post of Persis’s defeat of Persita was immediately met with various criticisms.

One of them is aimed at the coach Jacksen F Tiago. “JFT Out” is scattered in the comments column on the official Persis Solo Instagram.

Previously, Persis Solo coach Jacksen F Tiago had commented for anyone who had high expectations for the Persis Solo team that this was a pre-season event. With a total of 35 players, the meaning of this pre-season called Jackson is to give players the opportunity to play.

“Whatever the decision from the supporters and the top brass of this club, if my decision is not right, I am ready to take responsibility. I think I work according to my principles and knowledge, if I am not the right figure, if I am asked to leave I will leave,” said Jackson recently.


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