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Hearing the name Amazon Forest, makes most people shudder in horror. The forest in this Brazilian country, is always described as a scary place. Naturally, because this forest is a habitat for predatory animals. Call it Titanoboa, the snake that topped the world’s food chain is one of the inhabitants of the Amazon Forest.

This forest is also inhabited by indigenous tribes who are so mysterious and full of scary stories. Then, what if someone gets lost in the Amazon Jungle? It seemed impossible to get out alive from such a dangerous place. However, it turns out that there are some magical stories of humans who got lost and managed to get out of the Amazon Jungle safely. Check out their story below.

Two kids lost in the Amazon Jungle found in sad condition

Glauco and Gleison, aged 7 and 9, respectively, disappeared on February 18 when the two entered the Amazon Jungle to hunt birds. On Saturday (19/03/2022), they were found 35 kilometers from where they disappeared. In fact, the authorities have stopped the search because they have not been found for a month. However, the locals kept looking until a family friend who was looking for wood accidentally found them.

Two kids lost in Brazil [sumber gambar]

The brothers were dehydrated and their bodies emaciated due to malnutrition. Health officials in the city of Manaus said they survived by drinking rainwater and lake water. They eat Sorva fruit which is rich in carbohydrates and fats. The two boys were hospitalized for injuries and infections.

Pilot survives after his plane crashes in the Amazon Jungle

Antonio Sena had a plane crash on January 28, 2021, while delivering food to a mine in a remote area. However, his plane suffered an engine failure and he was forced to make an emergency landing in the Amazon Jungle. The inside of his plane caught fire, but he survived and managed to retrieve his bread and backpack.

Pilot lost in Amazon [sumber gambar]

For 36 days, he was trapped in the Amazon Jungle. His body was thin and his hair grew thick. Antonio tells of himself seeking help by walking east towards the sun. He ate foreign fruit by observing a herd of monkeys. If the monkeys are safe after eating the fruit, then Antonio can eat it. Apparently, Antonio had taken a survival course so he knew a safe place to take shelter.

Pilot lost in Amazon [sumber gambar]

Antonio never camps next to a water source to avoid dangerous animals, such as crocodiles and anacondas. Finally one day, Antonio managed to meet a group of Brazilian nut collectors. He revealed the only thing that motivated him to survive was his family.

Lost for days in the Amazon Jungle, a man is covered in hideous animal bites

The man named Maykool Coroseo Acuna had been lost in the Amazon Jungle for nine days. In February 2017, this Chilean tourist camped in Madidi National Park, Bolivia, with his group. However, when the tour group performed a ritual to ask permission from the forest guards, Acuna did not come. The tour operator also came to Acuna’s tent, but he had already disappeared. The police only found Acuna on the ninth day after hearing the screams of Acuna who turned out to be on the river bank. It is only 1.5 kilometers from the campsite.

Man bitten by insect [sumber gambar]

When found, Acuna’s hands were full of wounds from animal bites. Acuna said the animal that attacked him while he was lost was an insect. He claimed to survive by following a herd of monkeys. Miraculously the monkeys gave Acuna fruit to eat.

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For Brazilians, the Amazon is not just an ordinary forest. The Amazon forest is considered a sacred place of tribal life to the spirits of the ancestors. No wonder, the story of those who managed to survive this wilderness feels like a miracle.