This Music Community Provides Stage for New Musicians

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1NEWS – Ssstt Project community which always provides a stage for new Indonesian musicians.

According to one of the founders of the SSS Project, Rahmadi Dipa, his community wants all musicians to have the opportunity to perform.

“Yes, especially after a pandemic like this. I think all musicians are just starting to get hot,” said Dipa to 1NEWS, Tuesday (28/6).

Dipa also said Shhh Project also has a mission to bring musicians together with their listeners.

“For example, many friends comment on Instagram to bring in cool new musicians, we try to present them,” he said.

He also admitted that it was quite difficult to find a venue or a place to hold a music event.

The reason is, in Jabodetabek, they often get rejected because they use loud enough speakers.

“It’s also called a music show, right, usually the sound is a bit loud. So, that’s what we sometimes have trouble with,” he said.

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