7 Afterplays Loved by Couples, Make Love Sessions Warmer

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Make Love Sessions Warmer, Do 7 Afterplays that Couples Like

What do you and your partner do after sweating in bed? Before going to bed snoring, don’t forget to do afterplay activities that your partner likes and make the relationship stick.

Generally, before the core activity in sexual intercourse, it takes foreplay first. The purpose of this foreplay is to arouse passion and make you and your partner more aroused.

But you know, besides needing to warm up, it’s also important to close the game with him by doing dessert. Especially if it’s not afterplay. The opposite of foreplay, this afterplay activity is done after making love.

The experts relatonship Mentioned that, afterplay will increase intimacy and harmony in relationships. At the time of afterplay, you and your partner will be more open and appreciate each other.

7 Afterplays Couples Love

In fact, husbands don’t always just want to target penetration. So, what kind of afterplay do you like? Here is the full review.

1. Giving Praise, Highly Liked Afterplay

Men usually feel anxious about their performance in bed. Being able to satisfy your partner is an important achievement!

Judy Kuriansky, PhD author The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship say to Cosmopolitan, men really want to hear from their partner’s mouth that they are satisfied with his actions in bed. Your assessment of his performance will prevent him from falling asleep after a hot session.

afterplay that couples like

Get your partner to remember an erotic event that just happened, explain what made you like him. You could say something like, “I really like the way you stay still when I climax.”

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2. Kissing

Something you and your partner can do to stay intimate after sex is to kiss each other. Kissing triggers the “love hormone” aka oxytocin in the body. Kissing creates feelings of warmth, security, and even sentimentality.

3. Hug

Do not rush to leave the bed after a sex session. Keep physical contact with your partner, such as hugging.

Make Love Sessions Warmer, Do 7 Afterplays that Couples Like

Hugging is a way to create, not only physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy as well. Plus, cuddling can reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation in the body, relieve chronic pain, strengthen the immune system, and make it easier for both of you to fall asleep.

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4. Give Massage

Just because sex is over doesn’t mean you’re giving up. Massage is a great way to maintain intimacy.

afterplay that couples like

Steve Capellini, massage therapist and author Massage For Dummies, suggests a technique called percussion. Let the husband lie on his stomach and you straddle him. “Massage the sides of your hands or push and tap your fingertips along your back and buttocks,” Capellini told Cosmopolitan.

When you enjoy having your legs wrapped around his body, your touch encourages increased blood flow, which makes your partner feel energized, perhaps even inspiring him to do the same for you.

5. Bathing Together, The Most Liked Afterplay

afterplay that couples like

Start by taking turns rubbing each other’s back, shoulders, and neck gently. Then direct your partner to curl up sexy under the shower, running your slick and foamy hands down his back and buttocks. The hot environment not only makes physical contact more intimate, it actually prolongs the hot session in bed that was just finished.

“When hot water hits your skin, it stimulates blood flow and circulation, which makes your body feel aroused,” says Sandor Gardos, PhD, a sexologist in San Francisco.

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6. Eat together

Make Love Sessions Warmer, Do 7 Afterplays that Couples Like

Like exercise, sexual activity can be exhausting and draining of energy. Well, one way to refuel and get quality time with your partner is to have sex and then enjoy a meal together afterwards.

If you’re both too reluctant to prepare your own food, there’s nothing wrong with using a delivery service.

7. Watch Together

Sometimes there are married couples who are very busy, barely have time to be together after a day of struggling with various things. Not to mention taking care of the kids.

Make Love Sessions Warmer, Do 7 Afterplays that Couples Like

The only time to enjoy together is at night, after the child is asleep.

If you feel related with this kind of situation, make the session after sex as a way to maintain intimacy. For example, by watching a movie together.

Snuggled up together while enjoying your favorite movie and your partner can be something sweet and really reduce stress. You can watch your favorite old movies or watch the latest with your partner.

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