Bali United Joins Japan Fever by Partnering with Sakura Country Sponsors | 1NEWS

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The Japanese fever that hit Indonesian football finally reached Bali United. Instead of getting players, Bali United even succeeded in attracting a well-known Japanese company, ENEOS.

The Japanese fever has indeed hit the Indonesian football team. However, the Japanese fever in most League 1 clubs was marked by the recruitment of Sakura Country players.

In total there are nine players from Japan who will compete in League 1. Japan is behind Brazil as the supplier of the most foreign players.

Brazil continued their dominance by sending 25 players this season. This number can still increase because Rans Nusantara FC has sent a signal that it will recruit players from Brazil again, after Victor Salinas.

Well, unlike other clubs, Bali United is also following in the footsteps of the Japanese Fever in Liga 1. The difference is, Bali United does not attract Japanese players, but cooperates with a Japanese company, ENEOS as a sponsor.

ENEOS is the new sponsor of the partnership this season. So far, ENEOS is known as an international lubricant brand company.

ENEOS has entered into major events, such as MotoGP, D1 Grand Prix to Le Mans. When entering the Indonesian market through the ENEOS Indonesia flag, Bali United was chosen as a business partner.

Bali United follows in the footsteps of AC Milan, who was first invited to collaborate with ENEOS. President Director of PT Nippon Oil Indonesia, Tanaka Nobutoshi, said Bali United was chosen because of its achievements in League 1.

“We are very pleased to be able to join as one of the sponsors of the Bali United team, which is the winning team in Liga 1 for the last two seasons,” said Tanaka Nobutoshi.

Bali United welcomes the cooperation with this Japanese company. With a big name as a Yamaha Team MotoGP partner, ENEOS is already flying internationally.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, believes that the presence of ENEOS is a spirit to achieve new achievements.

“On behalf of the management of Bali United, I would like to express my deep gratitude to ENEOS who this time is here to support Bali United in the new season,” said Yabes Tanuri.

Yabes Tanuri assessed that this collaboration is a pride for Bali United, considering that ENEOS’s reputation internationally has been proven.

“The presence of ENEOS for Bali United is expected to be able to support Bali United’s achievements in the AFC Cup and Liga 1 this season. The presence of ENEOS is expected to make it easier for Semeton, who has high mobility, to drive on the highway,” said Yabes Tanuri.

The ENEOS company logo will later be emblazoned on Bali United’s jersey in Liga 1 2022/2023. This event was originally scheduled to start in the third week of July 2022.


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