Caisar YKS Withdraws Divorce Files, Still Choosing Divorce with Wife

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Caesar YKS withdraws divorce file

Caisar YKS reportedly revoked the divorce file, even so he explained that he would still be separated from his wife. He reportedly revoked the divorce file with Almaratu Intan only for transfer matters according to the court’s request.

“Yes, Your Majesty said you have to go on the right path, so go directly to the domicile of the ex-wife’s address,” said Caisar in the Mampang area, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6/2022) as quoted from the page Eyes Eyes.

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Must Move Files to Bogor

Photo source: Instagram caisar_aditya

As is known, previously Caisar YKS had registered his application for divorce at the South Jakarta Religious Court. However, he had to withdraw the file because he had to register his application for divorce according to his wife’s domicile, namely in Bogor, West Java. This is also because yesterday the divorce was still being handled by his wife.

“I just found out about problems like this, if the divorce yesterday was my wife taking care of everything, I don’t have to come so it’s fast. Now I’m alone, “explained the comedian.

Caesar YKS withdraws divorce file

Photo source: Instagram caisar_aditya

Caisar also assured the public that, even though he withdrew his divorce file and transferred it, he had made up his mind to part with Almaratu Intan at the Bogor Religious Court. He even said he would take care of it as soon as possible.

“Soon, God willing,” he said.

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Accusing each other of having problems

Caesar YKS withdraws divorce file

Photo source: Kapanlagi

Meanwhile, the reason behind the separation of Caisar YKS and Almaratu Intan was due to incompatibility issues. Caisar felt that there was no longer a match between himself and his wife.

“Yes, there is no match, it’s like losing hands, no one is supporting anymore. Both of them are wrong, “said Caisar.

But as if blaming each other, the cause of this divorce is also different from the wife. According to Almaratu Intan, she wants to separate from Caisar YKS because she feels uncomfortable and disturbed since her husband often broadcasts dancing live on social media from night to morning.

“He seems to have his own world,” said Almaratu Intan when filling the Rumpi Trans TV program on June 21, 2022.

As is known, Caisar went viral because he often broadcasts live 24 hours on TikTok social media. There are even some people who suspect that he uses drugs because he can not sleep for one night.

I hope the trial goes smoothly and the best for both of you. Parents.


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