Dewi Perssik Suddenly Reaps ‘Spicy’ Criticism After Unloading Monthly Ration from Angga Wijaya Calls Nominal, Netizens: Like Desperate!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

The divorce drama of Dewi Perssik and Angga Wijaya is now in the public spotlight. Both of them failed to maintain their household which had been built for 5 years and is now in danger of getting divorced.

In the midst of the furore of her divorce, Dewi Perssik suddenly got a lot of criticism because of her comments which were considered unethical when she mentioned her husband. The reason is that he bluntly mentions the nominal monthly ration that Angga still gives.

This was conveyed when she told about her surprise being sued by her husband.

“Last month I was given IDR 4 million, this month I was given IDR 3 million,” said Dewi Perssik in the video.

Knowing that her husband was still sending her money, Dewi Persik was also grateful. But she was also surprised by the attitude of her husband who still sued for divorce.

“Today he gave me money, yesterday I was given Rp 4 million last month, Alhamdulillah, thank you,” continued Dewi Perssik.

“Then, just now I was transferred to my personal assistant, he said I was given Rp. 3 million,” said Depe.

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