FIFA Matchday title, PSSI already has a list of 2 potential opponents for the Indonesian national team

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“Hopefully the opponent is a strong country, let’s have fun.”

1NEWSIndonesian National team getting closer to having a match again, but after confirming one ticket in Asian Cup 2023, Marc Klok and colleagues in the near future will not play in official matches but in headlines FIFA Matchday.

Meanwhile, recently the PSSI Technical Director, Indra Sjafri, said that his party had pocketed 2 potential opponents to test the strength of the Indonesian national team. And who would have thought that such a trial match was now eagerly awaited by the public who loved the homeland football.

“[Lawan] already there, I’m very happy. Previously, FIFA Matchday was not a topic for people, now it is a topic and I am happy,” said Indra, Thursday (30/6).

Previously, the Indonesian national team tested the strength of Bangladesh at the FIFA Matchday in early June. As a result, the match which was held at Si Starling Harupat Stadium, Kab. Bandung, it ended in a goalless draw.

“Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s permission, I have arranged FIFA Matchday 2022 and 2023, we have discussed with the coach to find opponents. For September, there are matches that we have discussed and we take those two matches. PSSI is in communication with several clubs and according to the criteria we have discussed with the club Shin Tae-yong“he added.

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The next FIFA Matchday agenda will be held in September 2022. PSSI discusses with Shin Tae-yong about choosing the right opponent. But there is no clear grid yet

“We’ve been looking. One ranking team [peringkat dunia FIFA] 100 down. One other team is ranked 1-120,” he said.

Nearest tournament schedule Indonesian National team is AFF Cup 2022 which will be held at the end of this year. And only after that Garuda Squad
will compete in the 2023 Asian Cup in the middle of the year.

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