Fighting hard, David Jordan Dedicates a title to this figure

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1NEWS – Indonesian boxer Daud Jordan will return to the ring against Panya Uhtok to defend his 63.5 kilogram WBC Asian Boxing Council silver lightweight belt at Balai Sarbini, Friday (1/7).

However, it turned out that David took a special mission to present the title in honor of his friend who had died.

When met at Balai Sarbini, Central Jakarta, he showed him a white T-shirt that read RIP Tommy Djunaidi.

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“He is a friend of mine from North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan. I specially brought him,” said Daud Jordan in Central Jakarta, Thursday (30/6).

Cino, as he is familiarly called, said his best friend had contributed greatly to his boxing career.

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Therefore, he promised to perform well to defend the title for the late.

“The reason I won again was also for him who was instrumental since he was in the village,” he explained.

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Thus, Cino hopes to be able to look stunning and take down Panya Uthok with an absolute victory.

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