Make sure the podcast isn’t a curse and he doesn’t have black magic, Denny Sumargo goes to Rukiah

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Recently, Denny Sumargo’s podcast has often been called a curse or bad luck because several artists died after being guest stars on his podcast.

As if to get an answer to the netizen’s accusations, Denny Sumargo or who is often called Densu invited a cleric named Muhammad Faizar as a guest star on his podcast. In his conversation, Denny Sumargo asked about his podcast which was called the curse and the accusations from netizens that Densu had black magic.

Ustadz Faizar said there was a genie who had followed Densu since childhood

Densu was cursed by Ustadz Faizar | Credit: Denny Sumargo’s YouTube channel

Talking about him being said to have black magic, Denny Sumargo asked Ustaz Faizar about where this could be known.

“People say I have black magic, how do you know it from?” asked Densu, quoted from the YouTube channel Denny Sumargo, on (30/06).

Hearing this question, Ustaz Faizar admitted that he was able to see black magic in a person’s body through his hands. Then, Densu stretched out his hand. Then, Ustaz Faizar saw Densu’s palm.

In an instant, Ustaz Faizar said that there was a genie who had followed Densu since childhood.

“There’s something right. It’s not black magic, but there are genies who have followed since childhood,” said Ustaz Faizar.

Densu also seemed surprised by Ustaz Faizar’s words.

“Seriously, this is not a prediction, sir, but seen from the signs,” explained Ustaz Faizar.

“What is it? So what, please explain, explain,” said Denny Sumargo.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what. You’ll know more later when it’s possible to be rudied,” said the ustaz.

Ustaz Faizar’s answer about the Densu podcast which is called cursed

Densu was cursed by Ustadz Faizar | Credit: Denny Sumargo’s YouTube channel

Furthermore, Denny Sumargo asked about the truth of the netizen’s accusation that his podcast was cursed.

“I’m also curious, Ustaz. I mean, damn is that my podcast? Until people see it like that,” asked Denny Sumargo.

Ustaz Faizar also said that this was not true. It is simply the act of linking events together.

“If that’s the case, in fact, if the Javanese language is a tinkering brain, he’s just making connections,” replied the ustaz.

According to Ustadz Faizar, everyone has their own destiny.

“It’s not because the podcasts here run out and they die,” continued Ustaz Faizar.

Not long after, Densu also decided to dirukiah. After 11 minutes in dirukiah, Densu also admitted that he was calmer.


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