Many Don’t Know, Obesity Can Trigger Gastritis, Beauty! Here’s the explanation

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Beauty, did you know that obesity can trigger ulcer disease? Yes, many people still don’t know this. Maybe Beauty is wondering ‘how come?’. Well, let’s just read the explanation from General Doctor Novita.

Launching from the Genpi page, Doctor Novita explained that being overweight or obese can be a trigger for ulcers. According to him, people who are overweight are prone to developing physical and mental illnesses, such as stress, fatigue and heart disease.

“It is often not realized that obesity can also increase the risk of ulcer disease,” Novita explained.

He explained that gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a condition that triggers discomfort in the chest area up to the esophagus. These symptoms usually occur in children as well as adults.

However, what does being overweight have to do with ulcers?

Doctor Novita said the risk of this disease could be higher if the sufferer is obese. Because, being overweight can increase the pressure on the stomach which triggers ulcers to rise.

“The pressure on the abdomen can give a burning sensation in the chest so it is uncomfortable to move,” he continued.

So, managing your body weight to be more ideal can be one way to prevent ulcer symptoms from appearing frequently.

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