Persija lost 4 times and was eliminated in the 2022 President’s Cup, Thomas Doll: The quality of some players is not enough to play in this team | 1NEWS

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Persija Jakarta coach, Thomas Doll is not quite satisfied with the quality of his players after swallowing four consecutive defeats and being eliminated in the 2022 Presidential Cup.

Persija Jakarta divided into two teams for the preliminary round of Group B. The first team consisted of young players, while the second team consisted of senior players.

The first team Persija lost 0-2 to Barito Putera and 1-5 to RANS Nusantara FC, while the second team lost 1-2 to Borneo FC Samarinda and 1-2 to Madura United.

Thomas Doll has just polished Persija Jakarta in the 2022 Presidential Cup against Borneo FC and Madura United. Previously, the team nicknamed the Kemayoran Tiger was led by his assistant, Ferdiansyah.

Thomas Doll hinted that Persija Jakarta could make an overhaul in the composition of players before next season’s Liga 1 starts at the end of July 2022.

“We will continue to monitor all the players. Maybe indeed for some players, their quality is not enough to play at Persija, “said Thomas Doll.

“This is a common thing in football. So, we will continue to see developments in the next few weeks,” he explained.

On the other hand, Thomas Doll considers a number of Persija players to have played impressively in the 2022 President’s Cup, especially in the last two Group B matches.

“Some of the players have played really well in the last two games. I am very happy to see their quality,” added Thomas Doll.

“Some Persija players should be able to play better because at the moment what they are showing on the field is not good enough,” said the German architect.

Thomas Doll will continue to monitor Persija’s players in the future before making a decision.

“Some players need to be able to do better because we will see if they are ready to play for Persija or not,” explained Thomas Doll.

“Because I’m new to this team. Some players were already at Persija before I came,” said the former Borussia Dortmund coach.


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