PSSI Ensures Indonesian Cup Held August 2022 – March 2023, The Champion Has a Chance to Qualify for the AFC Cup Next Year | 1NEWS

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PSSI Secretary General Yunus Nusi confirmed that this season’s Indonesian Cup will be held in August 2022-March 2023 alongside Liga 1 2022/2023.

Yunus Nusi explained that according to the PSSI Executive Committee (Exco) meeting in Bandung, West Java some time ago, his party agreed to play the Indonesian Cup again.

The Indonesian Cup is the official companion tournament for Liga 1 which was last played in 2018/2019 which was won by PSM Makassar.

“According to the PSSI Exco meeting in Bandung some time ago, PSSI plans to hold the Indonesian Cup with a kick-off in August 2022,” said Yunus Nusi to, Thursday (30/6/2022).

Followed by 64 Clubs

In its letter dated 27 June 2022 numbered 2312/PGD/223/VI-2022 regarding Circular I of the 2023 Indonesian Cup Competition, PSSI attached three points related to the Indonesian Cup.

The first is about General, the second is about Players and Officials, and the third is about the Competition Format.

The Indonesian Cup will be participated by 64 clubs consisting of 18 Liga 1 teams, 28 Liga 2 clubs and 18 Liga 3 teams.

PSSI also explained that the winner of the Indonesian Cup this season had the opportunity to qualify for the 2023 AFC Cup.

PSSI Circular regarding the Indonesian Cup


i) PSSI Member Club or PSSI Member Candidate Club (Club that has completed the Administrative Requirements for Registration as a PSSI Member and has been approved at the PSSI Provincial Association Annual Congress concerned)

ii) Registration of Participant Clubs through the SIAP online system (PSSI Information and Administration system);

iii) The Participating Clubs consist of 18 League 1 Club teams, 28 League 2 Club teams and 18 League 3 Club teams.

iv) Aspects of football development (football development, sufficient time lag between one match to another.


Registered on the team according to the provisions of the participant point 2 letter D in the 2022 season:

i) The maximum number of registered players is 35 players;

ii) The maximum number of registered Officials is 10 Officials;

iii) Player registration through the SIAP online system (PSSI Information and Administration System).


i) Competition Period August 2022-March 2023

ii) Competition format consists of Round of 64, Big 32, Big 16, Big 8, Semi-Final, and Final;

iii) Participants: 64 Clubs

iii) Sporting Merit The 2022 Indonesia Cup Champion Team has the potential to represent Indonesia in the 2023 AFC Cup.


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