Put on a Body for Princess Delina?! Rizwan Fadilah Participates in Unraveling Nathalie Holscher’s Traits as Mother Connects: Yes, It’s Normal

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

The conflict between Nathalie Holscher and Princess Delina seems to make the relationship between the two now strained. Because of this, the family of comedian Sule is now in the public spotlight.

The figure of Sule’s third child, Rizwan Fadilah, also spoke up. Putri Delina’s sister revealed the figure of Nathalie for her as a continuing mother. There are no bad words, Njan, his nickname, actually praises Nathalie Holscher a lot.

“Good mother. Yes, how are you like ordinary parents,” replied Rizwan Fadilah on the Tariq Halilintar YouTube channel, (25/6/2022).

Njan also revealed that Nathalie took good care of Sule’s children. Like mothers in general, Nathalie also takes care of all the needs of the children, she continued.

“Close, the same all close (Nathalie Holscher),” added Nathalie.

Despite this, Princess Delina’s sister is in conflict with Nathalie Holscher. Njan admitted that he did not really know the details of the story, he only mentioned that Putri Delina was actually close to Nathalie.

“It’s close to Putri’s tea, I think, it’s just that girls don’t talk about it,” he explained.

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