Sahrul Gunawan’s name is called a fraud, this is the method!

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Sahrul Gunawan's name is a fraud

Cases of fraud using the artist’s name are indeed on the rise lately. Latest name Sahrul Gunawan scammed to make a profit. It is known that the 46-year-old actor now serves as Deputy Regent of Bandung for the 2021–2026 period.

Apparently, with the position he holds, fraud perpetrators are using it to take the trust of potential victims. soap opera actor Jin and Jun This also reveals the modus operandi of the perpetrators.

Sahrul Gunawan’s name is called a fraud, this is the method!

Source: Instagram

The fraud on behalf of Sahrul Gunawan was carried out via WA messages. The perpetrator introduced himself as the Deputy Regent of Bandung. To convince the victim, the perpetrator also posted a photo of the actor in his profile.

“Introduce me Sahrul Gunawan as Wabub Bandung,” said the impostor as written in the screenshot

The modus operandi used by the perpetrators was to offer aid funds for mosques and Islamic boarding schools.

“My goal to contact him, sir, is to inform him of the existence of a five-year program from the district government, namely for the distribution of donations aimed at the needs of mosques/musalas/ponpes,” he said again in a WA chat.

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Requesting Victim’s Personal Data

Sahrul Gunawan's name is a fraud

Source: Instagram

In addition to offering financial assistance, the perpetrator also asked for the identity and account number of the victim.

“So that donations can be channeled, the implementation of distribution via transfer. Does the mosque currently have an institutional account number?” said the perpetrator again. said the perpetrator again.

Seeing the upload, a number of netizens began to reveal the various modes of fraud they experienced. A netizen revealed, this mode has often happened and claimed many victims. The perpetrator claimed to have transferred the aid money but it was too much and asked to be transferred back.

“Almost close. The mode is the same. He offered to help transfer money, then gave proof of TF, the reason for the excess transfer asked for a refund (transfer back the excess). Even though the proof of his transfer is fake,” said a netizen.

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Sahrul Gunawan’s name is called a fraud, residents are asked to be vigilant

Sahrul Gunawan's name is a fraud

Source: Instagram

Along with uploading screenshots of the scam, Sahrul Gunawan also asked his citizens to be vigilant. He also included the perpetrator’s WA number so that the public could record it.

“Bandung district residents…Beware!! Beware of fraud!! The fraud mode on my behalf is via whatsapp number 08183833463206 which has been troubling residents,” wrote Sahrul Gunawan.

He said that many victims had been harmed by this fraud mode. He did not want the number of victims to increase.

“Many have become victims,” ​​he added.

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Sahrul Gunawan’s Brief Profile

Sahrul Gunawan's name is a fraud

Source: Instagram

Sahrul Gunawan is known as an Indonesian artist, singer, entrepreneur, and politician.

Jin and Jun became soap operas that catapulted his name. He has also played in the soap opera Little-Little Jadi Manten with the late Sukma Ayu and Early Marriage with Agnez Mo.

Currently he is no longer active in the world of entertainment because he entered the world of politics. He was appointed to accompany HM Dadang Supriatna, S.Ip., M.Sc., who is currently the Regent of Bandung Regency on April 26, 2021.

In 2007, he married Indriani Hadi but their marriage only lasted 9 years. The man who is familiarly called Alul is known to have asked his wife for permission but the wife refused and chose to divorce in 2016.

Both of them have 3 children, namely Ezzar Raditya Gunawan, Raihana Zemma Gunawan, and Faeyza Mikail Gunawan. So far, neither Indri nor Sahrul has remarried.

That’s the latest news from Sahrul Gunawan whose name was used for fraud. Hopefully the exposure of this problem will make people more aware.


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