These are 4 sports to flatten a distended stomach – Latest Celeb News

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Gerakan V Ups

1NEWS – In addition to disturbing appearance, distended stomach is a common problem that can interfere with health. To overcome this, you can adjust your diet and do the type of exercise to shrink the stomach.

However, not just any sport, but a sport that focuses on training the abdominal muscles. Launch page hellodocHere are some exercises to shrink the stomach that you can try at home.

Russian Twist

Russian twist is an exercise for the core that can increase abdominal strength and reduce waist and abdominal circumference. This sport is usually done using a medicine ball or dumbbells.

The trick is to sit up straight on the floor, knees bent and feet slightly off the floor. Hold a ball or dumbbells in front of your chest, lean back with your spine, and keep your arms a few inches from your chest. Then, turn the torso to the right and to the left alternately.

Leg Raise

This move helps build a stronger stomach, increases stability and strength, and loses belly fat and tones your body. The trick, lie on your back with both palms placed under the hips. Then lift the leg up and then lower the leg back while exhaling, but not until it touches the floor.

V Oops

This movement is a combination of sit ups and leg raises, which makes it an effective abdominal shrinking exercise. How to do it, lie on your back and make sure your legs are straight. Then, lift your legs and arms at the same time. Try to touch your toes with your fingers. Basically, you need to create a ‘V’ shape with your body.


This abdominal shrink exercise targets the strength of your upper abs, lower abs, shoulders, biceps and glutes. The way to do this is to make a crawling position first on the mat, then place your elbows on the mat and stretch your right leg and left leg back.

Keep your neck, back and hips in an even line. Keep your core active holding back. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds. Do 3 sets with a duration of 30-60 seconds.