Despite Targeting Champion, STY Reluctant to Overburden U-19 National Team

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1NEWS, The coach of the U-19 Indonesia National Team, Shin Tae-yong has a high target in the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup. The South Korean tactician wants the Garuda Nusantara squad – the nickname of the U-19 National Team – to be the best or champion.

The U-19 Indonesian National Team will take part in the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup. The under-19 age group championship will take place in Jakarta and Bekasi on 2-15 July.

Garuda Nusantara squad joined in group A, a group that is quite heavy. Because, the U-19 national team must meet Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Brunei Darussalam.

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The first struggle of the U-19 national team in the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup is to challenge Vietnam at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi City, West Java on Saturday (2/7).

“Indeed, my target is always to win. That is very good and that can be a positive thing,” said Shin Tae-yong at a press conference ahead of the tournament at Century Hotel, Friday (1/7)

However, Shin Tae-yong is reluctant to put too much burden on Ronaldo Joybera Kwateh. Because, according to him, under 19 years old is an age that is still ‘labile’ in terms of performance, it can decrease and it can also increase

“But they are still young, it’s every month the players change their performance, at that age it’s like that,” he said.

“So actually too much pressure can be a burden for players and can’t show their best performance.”

As for the preparations, Shin Tae-yong confirmed that his team was ready. This is because they had previously held training camps for more than a week.

“Starting from June 20 we held a training camp, so it’s probably been almost ten days of our preparations,” explained Shin.

“There is no information about all of our opponents, but the players are ready and every game will do their best to get a good result.”

For information, the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup is the inaugural event for Shin Tae-yong to lead the U-19 national team in a championship or tournament. Previously, the South Korean tactician had mostly coached the U-23 age group at the SEA Games and the senior team at the 2020 AFF Cup and the international break or FIFA Matchday.

Therefore, Shin Tae-yong will use the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup to monitor the development of young players, as well as preparation for the 2023 U-20 World Cup from June 16 to July 16.[]


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