Serious, these 5 zodiac signs often experience high levels of stress

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1NEWS – In this modern age, many people experience stress or suffer from anxiety. Some can handle life’s struggles with calm, for others stress is a part of their life.

According to astrology, there are a number of zodiac signs who worry too much and can’t control their emotions well. This is the zodiac, as revealed by Timesofindia.


Aquarius puts themselves under a lot of stress, they are fun people by nature therefore their anxiety level is higher. They are often frustrated and think negatively in many situations. Their stress level is always high because they want to meet deadlines at any cost.


Pisces are also victims of high levels of stress. They worry too much about everything. They rarely find themselves at peace because they are always stressed over every little thing. They are not afraid of challenges and try hard to emerge victorious, therefore in the race to prove themselves as the best, their anxiety level is very high.


Another sign with high stress levels is Leo. Because they are perfectionists and want to be the best at everything they do they are always on the lookout. Because they worry too much about the future, they never feel comfortable. Because they are authoritarian, they cannot tolerate anyone intruding on their space so they become more stressed and worried.


Cancers are emotional people and are afraid of being alone because they want to please everyone. They are also often moody and experience a lot of stress due to their inability to stay stable or control their emotions.


Virgos are hard workers. They are systematic and always try to complete the given work on time. A lot of pressure to constantly do something productive causes them to experience a lot of anxiety. If a Virgo can’t live up to their own personal expectations, they can easily succumb to anxiety and depression.


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