Spreading Hard Codes, Lebanese National Team Players Immediately Get Closer to PSS?

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1NEWS, The news of the arrival of foreign player Jihad Ayoub to PSS Sleman is getting stronger. Recently, the Lebanese player spread a code about himself joining the Java Super Eagle team.

In his latest status upload on his Instagram account, Ayoub looks to take a selfie with his brother, Mahdia Ayoub.

The Venezuelan bloody player captioned “Here we go!!” or which means “This is it!!”.

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The status seems to be a continuation of his latest upload on the Instagram feed recently. In the photo he shared, Ayoub is seen relaxing on a beach in Jieh City, Lebanon.

Ayoub also wrote a caption that raised a bit of a question mark. “Relaxing time before the NEW ADVENTURE”. or if it means “Time to relax before a NEW ADVENTURE”

Flood of Slemania and BCS Komentar Comments

Super Elja is also known to have loyal and super creative fans. There are two fanclubs that support him, Slemania from the north tribune and Brigata Curva Sud 1976 (BCS).

Of course, all the news about the favorite team became the daily meal of Slemania and BCS.

This can be seen in Ayoub’s latest upload. The fans of Laskar Sembada were seen flooding the comments column of the 27-year-old player.

Ayoub’s upload on Tuesday (28/06/22) was immediately filled with comments from Slemania and BCS.

The fans seemed very enthusiastic about waiting for the arrival of the footballer who defended Al Ansar FC. Some even commented quite odd.

“Lek ndang otw kancamu wes press here,” said the account @andi***

“Le ndang rene lik wes is not ready to salak sak wit e,” wrote the account @24hey***

“For green to green (From green to green),” said the account @ibnu ***

“Wes gek Ndang ndene yub. Mengko mashed the satay kere ro gudeg wes,” wrote the account @erma***

Furthermore, Ayoub also seems to have followed PSS’s official account on Instagram. Looks like it’s just a matter of time when Super Elja will introduce his new player.[]


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