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Holywings sparked controversy after releasing alcoholic beverages in the names of Muhammad and Maria for free. This drink itself is a promo material for visitors named Muhammad and Maria. This makes Holywings called blasphemy against religion.

Finally, the aftermath of this problem was the revoking of Holywings’ operating license and the closing of the shop. As of the time this news was written, there were already 36 shops that were closed and no longer operating. This is the journey of Holywings, which started as a small shop to become a bar with regular customers.

Holywings started from a fried rice shop

Known as Holywings, this business was originally just a fried rice stall. According to Holywings Co-Founder, Ivan Tanjaya, he started the business with Eka Setia Wijaya. The fried rice shop is named Kedai Opa. Unfortunately, Kedai Opa only lasts for 3 months.

Ivan Tanjaya [sumber gambar]

This business is not growing and does not seem to have a bright future. Together with three other colleagues, finally a shop was built with a different concept, namely eating while drinking and enjoying live music. Although inspired by Holycow, the main menu served is chicken wings, the name Holywings was later coined for the new shop.

Learn from the Chinese restaurant concept

Fried chicken and beer [sumber gambar]

As Co-Founder, Ivan said that he learned the concepts of eating, drinking, and the music he used from shops in China. Founded in 2014, Holywings itself has 3 different facilities, namely Holywings Bar with the most outlets, 26 outlets, Holywings Bar Club with 10 outlets, and Holywings Beach Resort located in Bali. From day to day, Holywings is increasingly successful and is visited by various groups.

Succeeded in attracting shareholders from among entertainer Indonesia

Shareholders [sumber gambar]

In May 2021, Hotman Paris and Nikita Mirzani were listed as one of Holywings’ shareholders. Reporting from Okezone, the two signed a transfer agreement agreement which took place at the Holywings outlet in the Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) area. Although he did not mention the value of his investment, Hotman Paris said that he had withdrawn four of his deposits to invest in Holywings.

A series of controversies carried out by Holywings

Holywings controversy [sumber gambar]

There have been some controversies carried out by Holywings. In February 2021, Holywings Kemang violated operating hours when PPKM was implemented. Not only once, the regulation during the PPKM was violated three times, namely in February, March, and September 2021. In addition to the outlets located in Kemang, Holywings Tebet was also prosecuted for exceeding the operational hour limit, which is 24.00 WIB.

The beating by the police

Gangbang at Holywings [sumber gambar]

This act of beating took place at Holywings Yogyakarta. It is suspected that two Sleman police officers ganged up on a customer named Bryan Yoga Kusuma. Bryan himself was discussing a tourism project with his friend, at 23.30. At 02.00, Bryan was provoked by someone, which led to a fight. Bryan himself was eventually beaten by approximately 20 people.

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Regarding the case of Muhammad and Maria’s alcohol promotion, Holywings has issued an open apology. The authorities have also identified 6 suspects in this case.