Borneo FC vs PSM Makassar Results: Pesut Etam Challenge PSS Sleman in the Semi-finals of the 2022 President’s Cup

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Crazy Ball – The results of Borneo FC vs PSM Makassar in the 2022 Presidential Cup quarter-final match which was held at the Segiri Samarinda Stadium, Sunday (3/7) night, ended with a 2-1 scoreline.

Borneo FC managed to advance to the semi-finals after defeating PSM, who both had the ambition to advance to the semi-finals of this pre-season tournament. The Pesut Etam team will also meet PSS Sleman in the semi-finals, which previously defeated Persib Bandung on penalties which ended with the score 4-2 (1-1).

One other semi-final agenda will bring together PSIS Semarang – which this Sunday afternoon defeated Bhayangkara FC on penalties which ended 9-8 (1-1), with Arema FC – who also defeated Barito Putera on penalties which closed with a score of 5 -4 (0-0).

As for Borneo FC, they managed to advance through Agung Prasetyo’s quick goal in the 5th minute, which was then doubled by Matheus Pato in the 18th minute. PSM managed to reply to one goal through the captain’s free kick, Wiljan Pluim in the 75th minute.

The course of the match

PSM seemed overwhelmed against Borneo FC, which appeared violent from the start of the first half. As a result, the Juku Eja team conceded when the game had only been running for five minutes.

Through the set-piece position, Agung Prasetyo managed to finish Jonathan Bustos’ corner with a header and put the Pesut Etam team leading 1-0 at the start of the match.

The home team is very ambitious to win and advance to the next round of this pre-season tournament. They continued to pound the PSM defense, and were able to double their goal collection in the 16th minute.

Once again, the Pesut Etam team hit PSM’s goal in the 18th minute after Matheus Pato managed to take advantage of the chaos in Muhammad Reza’s restricted area, and brought the hosts to a 2-0 run.

It was really bad luck for PSM, because they only managed to create a goal opportunity in the 29th minute, and even that did not succeed in bringing them down in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, PSM tried desperately to catch up with them. But several times they created chances – even in front of Borneo’s goal, none of which resulted in a goal.

Juku Spell finally managed to reduce the gap in the 75th minute when Wiljan PLuim’s free kick directly nestled in the Borneo FC goal. GOAL! 2-1 For PSM!

The Juku Eja team had the opportunity to equalize right in the 85th minute, but the collaboration between Pluim and Rizky Eka did not also result in an equal goal.

There was a commotion between the PSM players and the home fans, after Yance Sayuri kicked the ball towards the stands. The referee also gave the player a red card from Papua, but some spectators were seen throwing objects into the field. The commotion was controlled, and the match, which had entered injury time, was resumed, even though PSM only played with 10 players.


Borneo FC: Angga Saputro, Agung Pras, Javlon Guseynov (C), Hendro, Jonathan Bustos, Kei Hirose, Leo Guntara, Fajar, T Owang, Matheus Pato, Stefano Lilipaly.

PSM Makassar: M Reza, Erwin Gutawa, Safruddin Tahar, Y Fernandes, Ananda Reihan, Rizky, Rasyid Bakri, Wiljan Pluim (C), Everton, Sananta, Yakob Sayuri.

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