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The modest fashion brand ‘Kami’ invites fashion lovers to interpret the term flow more broadly

Dreams – Term go with the flow often interpreted as life flowing with the flow or even resigning to accept the situation.

Even though with the current pandemic conditions, obstacles and challenges are present and cannot live solely on these principles.

Starting from that idea, brand modest fashion ‘We’ invite fashion lovers to interpret the term flow More wider. Brand We invite people to define richflow‘ as an encouragement to find self-strength and continue to grow to be even better.

Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

“We understand every woman’s desire to feel supported and protected at every step of the way to develop and move forward, brand We present ‘We. Flow‘,” said Our CEO, Istafiana Candarini, at the launch of Kami Flow, at The Eternal by Vitruvian Pilates & Beyond Jakarta, Friday 1 July 2022.

The woman who is familiarly called Irin hopes that Kami Flow can provide a new experience for women to feel comfortable and connected to their own bodies, especially when exercising.

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Present 5 SKUs

Our Docs.  Flow© Our Docs. Flow

We Flow is local activewear or sports clothes that come in attractive colors. There were 5 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) launched, ranging from Active Top, Yoga Top, Leggings, to Parkas.

We Flow is suitable to be the perfect companion for modern women who want to find products that can protect and support their positive activities, both during sports and daily activities without leaving the value of elegance and modesty.

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Breathable and Lightweight Material

Our Docs.  Flow© Our Docs. Flow

Kami Flow also features designs with beautiful accents. It can be seen in the scratches Flowwhich reminds every woman to #FindYourFlow, embedded in every product.

Using breathable materials, lightweight poly vertical mesh fabric, and rayon-jersey spandex, Kami Flow is also designed in a loose model so that every woman can feel comfortable and soft when wearing it.

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#FindYourFlow Kampanye campaign

Our Docs.  Flow© Our Docs. Flow

This campaign started with pilates activities with media colleagues and will be continued with several other activities with our product lovers who are familiarly called Kami People.

“In the first campaign, we. Flow carries the theme #FindYourFlow, where we invite fashion lovers to find their strength amidst the peace and tranquility of the mountains, so stay tuned with us. Flow!,” added Irin.