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Human trafficking in Nigeria is not uncommon. The newspaper Ak-Jazeera wrote that in 2020 the public was shocked by the existence of a ‘baby factory’ in the Mowe area, southwest Ogun state. These women are employed by a place under the guise of a medical clinic. They were forced to bear children from the men the clinic had provided for them. These children will later be used as money, sold.

Not long ago, such a practice occurred again in Nigeria. The goal is the same, getting women pregnant, then selling the babies after they give birth. In full, see in the review the following yes!

Hiring teenage girls

June 13, 2022, Nigerian Police from Anambra, rescued 35 teenage girls at the Gally Gally Hotel which is the main location of the ‘baby factory’. The girls are on average 14-17 years old and trapped in the prostitution business. Some of them are pregnant.

The girl who became the victim [sumber gambar]

The selection of this young woman was not without purpose. It was intended that they quickly produce babies, because of the relatively easy age to conceive. So it is certain that there will be babies that can be born from the wombs of these women.

Trapped with the lure of job vacancies

For young women, of course they are still gullible. The women who were made sex slaves were tricked into being offered jobs. At a press conference by the authorities, the women were initially offered a promising job at a hotel.

Accompanied by work [sumber gambar]

One survivor said that he received news of a job opening from a friend. His friend said that they would work as sales. In fact, they were all framed to be used as sex slaves, who if they became pregnant their children would be used as money.

Children sold on the black market

The young women revealed that they could not escape because of the very tight security. At the hotel, they serve men who are also employed by the hotel. They were forcibly raped.

Babies sold on the black market [sumber gambar]

If later someone becomes pregnant, the children who are born will be sold on the black market. These children are valued up to tens of millions per head. Women who are victims not only feel stressed because they were forcibly raped, but also depressed because they can’t escape.

A practice that has been going on for the past few years

This ‘baby factory’ raid is not the first time this has happened. Businesses like this have been rife in Nigeria over the last few years. Women who become victims are usually minors. Previously, in 2020 a place under the guise of a medical clinic did the same business.

A business that has been around for a long time [sumber gambar]

Capturing women aged 15-28 years to become sex slaves, who later gave birth to babies to be sold on the black market. For baby boys will be valued at Rp. 19 million, while for baby girls Rp. 13 million. The mode used is also the same, promised a job with a big salary.

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When this news was written, the authorities had detained the suspects, ranging from security officers to workers at the hotel. Officers are still chasing the hotel manager who has fled. Meanwhile, the survivors will get rehabilitation to restore their mental health.