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Yuni Shara Invites Ex-Husband to Celebrate Children’s Birthday

Dream – Cello Obient Siahaan, son of Yuni Shara has just turned 17. There are no lavish celebrations, Cello celebrates his birthday only with his family.

In the photo that Yuni uploaded on Instagram, Henry Siahaan, Yuni’s ex-husband, was also present to celebrate his son’s birthday.

“Cello bday dinner” Yuni Shara wrote on her Instagram.

At that moment Henry is seen beside Cello while Yuni is flanked by his two sons. They smile for the camera.

yuni© instagram

Through this photo, Cello gets a lot of prayers from fellow artists and netizens.

“Happy birthday, dear Cello.. growing up.. healthy and happy physically and mentally.. always under HIS protection,” wrote Vina Panduwinata.

“Hbd Cello, I hope you have a long life, be healthy, be devoted to your parents, achieve what you aspire to, Amen YRA,” said Elfi Alex’s account.

“Masha Allah, barakallah fii umrik cello, live a long healthy life.. May you become a pious child,” write the account @syawaliareisya. (mut)