Official! New League 1 Season Starts on 23 July 2022 | 1NEWS

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PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) confirmed that Liga 1 2022/2023 will be held from July 23, 2022.

PSSI and PT LIB have just held a virtual managers meeting with 18 Liga 1 participants on Monday (4/7/2022).

In addition to the Liga 1 kick-off, the managers’ meeting also discussed competition technicalities, such as the number of matches, player registration, to the implementation of the matches.

“Especially for the kick-off of Liga 1 2022/2023, in the manager meeting it was announced that it would start on July 23, 2022,” PSSI wrote in its news narrative.

Previously, PSSI and PT LIB planned to roll out Liga 1 next season on 27 July 2022.

PSSI said the decision to set July 23, 2022 as the start of Liga 1 had taken into account many conditions, including technical competition and coordination with the government.

“We have to consider many agendas for the Indonesian national team and other agendas during the competition,” said PSSI chairman Mochamad Iriawan.

“As a result, kick-off July 23, 2022 is the most ideal time for all League 1 teams. We have also coordinated with the government,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT LIB, Akhmad Hadian Lukita revealed that next season’s Liga 1 will end in April 2023.

“In principle, we have to make an ideal schedule for all participants,” added Lukita.

“July 23, 2022 is the right time to start Liga 1 so that it can finish in April 2023,” he said.


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