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Prilly Latuconsina’s Style Wears ‘Glass Shoes’ Like Cinderella

Dreams – The young public figure of Prilly Latuconsina is known to be successful in starring in many films. He has also won several prestigious awards. Apart from achieving, Prilly also never runs out of style to look stunning on various occasions.

Prilly has many collections, ranging from clothes designed by well-known designers, shoes, bags to other fashion accessories.

According to prilly fashion items The branded is a useful item to support his appearance as a person public figure.

instagram @fashion.prillylatuconsina© instagram @fashion.prillylatuconsina

Through a photo uploaded to an account on Instagram @fashion.prillylatuconsina, Prilly looks beautiful wearing a beige dress with details of blooming flowers on several sides of the dress. Prilly looks elegant when wearing it.

To complete the outfit, Prilly chose one of her transparent heels collection. The transparent heels have pearl detailing on the front and the heel shape is like a triangle. The shoes are so shiny and so simple but have expensive details.

It is known from @fashion.prillylatuconsina, this ‘cinderella’ Begum Glass Transparent PVC & Silver Mirror shoe is a collection of Ellurecouture. The price of a pair of glass shoes is around Rp. 21.5 million. Wow, it turns out to look like Cinderella is not cheap, Friend Dream.

Report : Siti Sarah Al Hafizd