Widi Mulia Announces Fourth Pregnancy, Floods of Prayers and Congratulations from Friends and Fans

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Widi Mulia Umumkan Kehamilan yang Keempat, Banjir Doa dan Ucapan Selamat

Happy and surprising news came from actress and singer, Widi Mulia. The Be3 personnel has just announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child with her husband, Dwi Sasono.

He shared the news through his Instagram account. Congratulations and prayers also flooded Widi’s post. Fellow artists and fans also pray for Widi so that her pregnancy this time goes smoothly until the delivery process.

Widi just found out that she was pregnant in mid-June

In the video that he uploaded on his Instagram account, Widi told how he first knew he had two bodies. On June 17, he visited the hospital to do an ultrasound in between filming.

From the results of the examination, it was seen that there was a fetal pouch in her uterus. The doctor said that she was already 6 weeks pregnant. The condition of the fetus is good and healthy.

Getting pregnant again at the age of 43, Widi hopes to be given the best during the pregnancy process

Knowing that she was pregnant made Widi both happy and surprised. How not, he is now 43 years old. Certainly not a young age anymore to get pregnant.

She also hopes for the best in this pregnancy. Widi and his family also asked for prayers to his colleagues and fans so that they would be given a smooth delivery until later.

Previously, another Be3 member, Nola, also announced her pregnancy at the age of 43. She gave birth to her fourth child in November last year.

Congratulations to Widi and family, good luck until the birth, okay!


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