10 Artists Miscarriage Second Child, Some Wait for Years

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10 Artists Who Ever Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

Annisa Pohan, an artist and the wife of the General Chairperson of the Democratic Party, Agus Yudhoyono, miscarried while pregnant with her second child. He announced the sad news through an upload on his personal Instagram on Sunday, July 3, 2022. The upload features a photo of Annisa and her husband and child, Almira Tunggadewi Yudhoyono.

Photo: Instagram.com/annisayudhoyono

This 40-year-old woman revealed that the fetus in her womb did not develop and died at the age of 7 weeks. This mother of one child also had to undergo an ERPOC or curettage procedure to remove the fetus and clean the uterus.

Apart from Annisa Pohan, several Indonesian celebrities also experienced a similar incident. For example, Nagita Slavina to Sabai Morscheck had a second miscarriage. Even though you’ve given birth before and grew up healthy in your first pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that your next pregnancy will be easier. There are celebrities who have to let their prospective second child go.

Who are the artists who have experienced this bitter moment? Here’s the answer.

These 10 Artists Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

1. Dinda Hauw, the artist who miscarried twins in her second pregnancy

Second Child Miscarriage Artist

Photo: Instagram.com/dindahw

Dinda Hauw suffered a miscarriage in her second pregnancy in March 2022. At that time she was pregnant with twins. Initially, the mother of one child did not realize that she was pregnant with twins. Because they saw line 2 after doing a testpack, Dinda Hauw and her husband decided to go for an ultrasound.

Unfortunately, the doctor informed that one of the fetuses did not develop. As a result, Dinda Hauw underwent an operation to clean the fetus.

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2. Asmirandah

10 Artists Who Ever Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

Photo: Instagram.com/asmirandah89

Furthermore, in the same month, Asmirandah also shared the sad news that she had miscarried her second child. Based on Jonas’ upload on his Instagram account, he said that Asmirandah had been infected with COVID-19 before having a miscarriage. At that time, he and his small family underwent an isoman so they could not perform an obstetrical examination.

After recovering, both immediately did a gynecological examination. Unfortunately, at the age of 11 weeks, Jonas and Asmirandah had to let go of their future sister for Chloe, their first child. Doctors stated that the baby’s heartbeat was thought to have been absent since the age of 9 weeks.

3. Artist Nagita Slavina miscarried her second child due to exhaustion

Second Child Miscarriage Artist

Photo: Instagram.com/raffinagita1717

Before giving birth to Rafathar’s sister, Rayyanza Malik Ahmad, in November 2021, Nagita Slavina had a miscarriage in her second pregnancy after returning from Japan in early 2020. She miscarried her second child when she was 4 weeks pregnant. The doctor said that Nagita had a miscarriage due to exhaustion.

But now, Raffi and Nagita are no longer sad after Rayyanza Malik Ahmad’s presence on November 26, 2021 in the midst of their family.

4. Sabai Morscheck

10 Artists Who Ever Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

Photo: Instagram.com/sabaidieter

Next, there is Sabai Morscheck, who also had a miscarriage while pregnant with her second child. The wife of Ringgo Agus Rahman lost her fetus at the age of 5 weeks.

Sabai miscarried at that time because her womb was not perfect and still weak. In the end, Sabai bleeds and miscarries. However, this loss has been replaced by the presence of Curtis Ziggy Mars Morscheck who was born on October 30, 2020.

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5. Tasya Farasya

Second Child Miscarriage Artist

Photo: Instagram.com/tasyafarasya

Influencers Tasya Farasya’s beauty is in mourning. The mother of one shared the news that she had a miscarriage in her second pregnancy.

Tasya conveyed the news in an upload on Instagram at midnight Wednesday, May 5, 2021. In her upload she shared a photo of the results of her last ultrasound examination.

At that time, the wife of Ahmad Assegaf did not mention the age of the fetus. However, from the ultrasound photo uploaded on April 29, 2021, it was known that Tasya was 4 weeks pregnant.

6. Fairuz A Rafiq

10 Artists Who Ever Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

Photo: Instagram.com/fairuzarafiq

Fairuz A Rafiq also had a miscarriage with his second child from Sonny Septian in early September 2020. Fairuz A Rafiq’s expression of sadness was conveyed through his personal Instagram account, @fairuzarafiq. Fairuz felt that at that time his feelings were very broken when he found out that his baby-to-be had died.

However, a few months after her miscarriage, in early 2021 Fairuz announced that she was pregnant with her third child.

7. Beby Prisillia, wife of artist Olandio Leonardo also suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with their second child

Second Child Miscarriage Artist

Photo: Instagram.com/bebyleonardo

The dream of the couple Onadio Leonardo and his wife Beby Prisillia to have a baby in 2021 failed to come true. Because Beby had to have a miscarriage at the age of her pregnancy which was estimated to be 11 weeks old.

Previously, Beby was reported to have been bleeding for 4 days. According to Beby’s confession, at that time, she was not doing strenuous activities that could potentially interfere with her pregnancy. However, after checking with the obstetrician, Beby found that the fetus was not developing.

In addition, the doctor also explained that the shape of the fetus and placenta was not in normal condition. Plus there is bleeding for days. This is what causes Beby to have a miscarriage.

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8. Cheryl Juno

10 Artists Who Ever Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

Photo: Instagram.com/cherly7uno

In August 2020, Cherly Juno miscarried her second child at the age of 2 months. But it didn’t take long, Cherly was declared pregnant again and she gave birth to her second child on September 9, 2021. She named her son Sean Giorgio Panjaitan.

9. Kalina Ocktaranny

Second Child Miscarriage Artist

Photo: Instagram.com/kalinaocktaranny

After having their first child with Deddy Corbuzier, Kalina became pregnant again with Vicky Prasetyo. However, Kalina had to let the baby go.

She had a miscarriage in August 2021. According to Kalina, she was exhausted from accompanying her husband in activities. Plus Kalina is still active in her personal activities.

10. Angelina Sondakh

10 Artists Who Ever Had Miscarriage While Pregnant With Their Second Child

Photo: Instagram.com/angelinasondakh09

Who would have thought that Angelina Sondakh had experienced two miscarriages while expecting her second child. At that time, Angie as Angelina was known, suffered a miscarriage on the third day after the departure of Adjie Massaid, her husband.

It is known that Angie’s pregnancy entered the age of 2 weeks at that time. She was in shock and so exhausted that she was unable to save the fetus. Turns out, it wasn’t Angie’s first miscarriage.

Previously, she had suffered a miscarriage after planning a pregnancy program. However, because she was too busy working and studying, she also had a miscarriage.


Well, that’s the news about Annisa Pohan and several other artists who also had a miscarriage during their second pregnancy. Hopefully all lost get a better replacement, yes.

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