13 Korean Artists Are Good at Taekwondo, Some Have Been World Champion!

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13 Korean Artists Are Good at Taekwondo, Wow, Has Someone Been a World Champion?

Not only good at singing and acting, some of these South Korean artists are also good at taekwondo. Their abilities are unmatched, Mother, because they are all black belt holders and some have won at the national and world levels, lo. Are you curious about which Korean artists are good at taekwondo? This is it!

Korean Artists and Idols Who Are Good at Taekwondo

1. Jimin BTS

Jimin got his name from his grandfather. The name means ‘one whose wisdom is higher than the sky’. He was only 17 years old when he debuted with BTS, and his position is in the “maknae line” (youngest) part of the group. Besides being asked as the main vocalist in the group, Jimin also acts as the main dancer.

Jimin joined BTS last, and he also had the shortest training period of all. His stage names in BTS are Baby J, Baby G, and Young Kid. Oh yes, the second youngest brother in BTS is also a taekwondo black belt holder, you know. Besides taekwondo, this idol also masters a lot martial artssome of which are kendo and hapkido.

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2. Jungkook BTS

13 Korean Artists Are Good at Taekwondo, Wow, Has Someone Been a World Champion?

Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea and is the most popular martial art in South Korea. Not only ordinary people who love this sport, but also idols, one of which is Jeon Jung-kook, a member of the boyband BTS.

Like his group mate, Jimin, golden maknae This is also a taekwondo black belt holder. Apart from taekwondo, Jung-kook, who is now 25 years old, also masters wrestling and boxing.

3 U Know TVXQ’s Yunho, Korean Taekwondo Artist Who Has Won World Champion

korean artist is good at taekwondo

Jung Yunho or better known as U Know Yunho, member groupband TVXQ, started learning taekwondo and hapkido when he was 5 years old. When he was in junior high school, he already competed nationally.

In fact, he was ranked third in the world-class Hapkido competition. Yunho actually still has the opportunity to become a taekwondo athlete, but is hindered because he has to continue his training as an idol. Lastly, Yunho holds a taekwondo black belt and is ranked 3rd in Hapkido.

4. Super Junior’s Siwon

korean artist is good at taekwondo

Be careful with his smile, Mother, because who would have thought that behind Choi Siwon’s sweet smile, he has a very powerful kick. An athletic man has been practicing taekwondo since he was a child. Siwon has long been a tier 4 taekwondo belt holder, and he is a blackbelter the youngest of his time. Wow!

5. Hoya Infinite

korean artist is good at taekwondo

Lee Ho-won, better known by his stage name Hoya or Lee howon, is a singer and songwriter rapper in Korean group Infinity who are also actors and dancers. Hoya debuted under management Woollim Entertainment in 2010.

Hoya is also one of the Korean artists who is good at taekwondo. He practiced this martial art since childhood until he was in junior high school and has competed at the regional level. While holding the belt and the 3rd he decided to stop practicing because he felt that he was no longer suitable for this martial art.

6. Hyesung Shinhwa

korean artist is good at taekwondo

Even though he is no longer practicing the martial art of taekwondo, this man whose real name is Jung Pil-kyo is still practicing on his own. Many people do not think, even his group friends, that he used to be a taekwondo athlete.

And interestingly, he often participates in many charities and teaches taekwondo to underprivileged children. Friends in groupbandhe once told me, that in one moment when he was drunk, Hyesung had done a taekwondo kick.

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7. 2PM’s Changsung

korean artist is good at taekwondo

Hwang Chansung commonly known as Chansung of 2PM has been in taekwondo for 9 years and kendo for 5 years – 11 years in total.

Kendo is a martial art that studies ancient Japanese swords, Kenjutsu –Kendo practitioners sometimes call it Kenshin.

8. Lee Joong MBLAQ

korean artist is good at taekwondo

Leejoon said that his life was very poor. So poor, he only has 1 taekwondo uniform. And because he practiced every day, he had to put on his training clothes before they were completely dry. That’s why his uniform always stinks and makes training friends avoid it. But that’s precisely what made him keep going. Poverty made him determined to continue practicing and dancing.

Looks like Leejoon’s persistence has paid off. Now he has become one of the South Korean idols with many fans.

9. Jungwon ENHYPEN

korean artist is good at taekwondo

It turns out in ENHYPEN Debut Show: Day OneJungwon revealed that he had dreamed of becoming a taekwondo athlete since childhood. Jungwon has been practicing taekwondo martial arts since he was 7 years old, and the man who had been an athlete for 4 years is a taekwondo black belt holder. No wonder Jungwon’s body can be that athletic, yes, Mother.

10. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, One of the Best Korean Artists in Taekwondo

korean artist is good at taekwondo

SSEVENTEEN’s Hoshi can dance precisely thanks to taekwondo. The fourth level black belt holder has been participating in taekwondo competitions since childhood. Uniquely, he stopped training only because there were rules for professional taekwondo athletes to cut their hair short. It’s just this Hoshi, Mother.

11. Jeon Somi, Korean Female Artist Good at Taekwondo

13 Korean Artists Are Good at Taekwondo, Wow, Has Someone Been a World Champion?

In 2018, a pretty shocking video circulated in which Jeon Somi was reportedly taking a test to get a level 4 black belt in Taekwondo. Apparently, at that time Somi had been studying taekwondo for 8 years.

This is a sign that to become an idol he does not only rely on his beauty, but also his expertise in other fields.

12. Apink’s Bo Mi

13 Korean Artists Are Good at Taekwondo, Wow, Has Someone Been a World Champion?

The martial skill of the owner of the name Yoon Bo-mi is unquestionable. One of the Apink members is known to have pocketed a level 3 Taekwondo black belt. His expertise is also often exhibited in several television shows. And apparently, thanks to his ability in taekwondo, he also managed to join the agency Plan A Entertainment.

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13. T-ara’s Jiyeon

13 Korean Artists Are Good at Taekwondo, Wow, Has Someone Been a World Champion?

T-ara girl group member Park Ji-yeon or known by the stage name Jiyeon T-ara, has mastered the martial arts of taekwondo since the age of 6 years. His ability in martial arts is unquestionable. The woman who was born on June 7, 1993, often shows her abilities on various occasions.

“I really liked taekwondo since I was little. I want to become a taekwondo expert one day,” Jiyeon said on the program Star Life Theater which aired on KBS launched the page kpopstarz.

But his dream of becoming a taekwondo athlete had to be buried because he had to focus on his singing career. When promoting himself at his agency, taekwondo became one of the skills Jiyeon showed as a finalist. But his skills did not make him lucky in the world of love. His name had been in the news in South Korea because his lover impregnated another woman.

Evidently their love for the martial art of taekwondo is not half-hearted, yes, Mother. They have been practicing since they were very young, and some of them are still practicing this martial art after becoming idols. These idols have proven that sports and martial arts skills can greatly support their success as idols.

Photo source: Soompi.com

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