Angga Wijaya Still Loves Dewi Perssik: It turns out that they still have to separate …

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1NEWS – Mediation between Dewi Perssik and Angga Wijaya at the inaugural divorce trial held at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Monday (4/7) reached a stalemate. Angga remains in his decision to divorce his wife who was married last September 2017.

“Mediation failed. I am the defendant. Mas Angga himself said that he still loves me but will still be sued,” said Dewi, as seen from the Pagi Pagi Ambyar program on the Trans TV Official YouTube channel.

If Angga still loves and wants to be with him, the dancer who is familiarly called Depe said, “Yes, come on. We will try our best for the best”.

There is no peaceful household. Stay happy. Surely Dewi said there were twists and turns and trials to be faced.

“I’m just like this in principle, I as a wife, Mas Angga, and his family have done my best,” said Dewi wearing a pink dress.

“I’ve never demanded anything from you, asked for anything from you. If, for example, I’ve done my best according to my version but it turns out that I still have to separate, what can’t be done,” he added.

Angga filed for divorce from Depe on June 20, 2022. Prior to the lawsuit, Angga claimed to have spoken to Depe first. The next divorce trial will be held again on July 11, 2022. The agenda is to provide a report on the results of the mediation.


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