Appearing Bad at National Team Debut, U-19, Teuku Razzaa: I Will Make Criticism Motivate

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“Typical Indonesian netizens. Give toxic comments, make players fall mentally.”

1NEWS – On the second matchday of Group A 2022 AFF U-19 Cup, U-19 Indonesian National Team successful bald Brunei Darussalam U-19 National Team 7-0 . In that match, Shin Tae-yong did a lot of rotation, the core players were like Marcelino Ferdinand, Ronaldo Kwateh,Hokky CarakaArkhan Putra and others were quickly rested in the second half.

As a result, Young Garuda Squad only able to add one goal in the second 45 minutes. As a result, a number of substitute players received scathing criticism from Indonesian football lovers, one of which was addressed to Teuku Razzaa Fachrezi Aziz.

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The young player from Persija Jakarta received negative comments because of his performance together Young Garuda Squad rated unsatisfactory. As one of the strikers, Razzaa is considered bad for wasting several opportunities.

It was a debut for him. Sign in replace Ronaldo Kwateh in the second half, Razzaa was often unable to convert a series of good opportunities into goals. Some of his shots are too weak and accuracy is also still poor.

It was admitted by Razzaa, ”Maybe I’m not calm, huh. I got a lot of experience this time, this is also my debut in the national team,” said Razzaa when met by the media after the match at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Monday (4/7).

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Despite getting a lot of scathing criticism on social media, especially Twitter, Razzaa herself will not bother. He is determined to improve his performance and respond to criticism with proof.

”Maybe I’m still in the process, hopefully I can prove better. [Kritik] it becomes motivation,”he added.

Hopefully the young man who was born in Jakarta on June 4, 2004 can prove his sharpness in matches Indonesian U-19 National Team future.

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