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1NEWS Ntb – The Mataram City Communications and Information Office installed a hidden camera or CCTV at the Kebon Roek traditional market which is on the route of the Senggigi international tourist attraction, West Lombok Regency.

“We chose the Kebon Roek Market as the test location for the CCTV installation because it is on a major road and is crossed by many people, including foreign tourists,” said Head of the Mataram City Communications and Information Office (Diskominfo) I Nyoman Swandiasa.

According to him, the CCTV installation in the market is intended to monitor the situation in the market area, whether it is related to traffic, cleanliness, opportunities for criminal acts and others.

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With CCTV, he continued, it would be easier to monitor directly from the command center, so that when there are things that need to be followed up, the Communications and Information Technology will immediately coordinate with the relevant agencies.

“For example, if there is a traffic jam, we contact the transportation office. Likewise, if there is a pile of garbage, we will coordinate with the environmental service (DLH),” he said.

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He said the CCTV installation program in a number of traditional markets, especially large markets, such as the Mandalika and Cakranegara markets, as well as green open spaces (RTH) were the future targets of the program.

It targets all traditional markets on major roads and CCTV installed in green open space, but due to budget constraints, it will be installed in stages.

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“For one point, CCTV requires a budget of Rp. 500 thousand per month, while the equipment is Rp. 10 million to Rp. 15 million,” he added.

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