Failed to Mediation Still insists on Divorce, Angga Wijaya admits that he doesn’t let go of Dewi Perssik’s work contract?

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1NEWS, Bogor —

After undergoing the mediation process with Dewi Perssik, Angga Wijaya appeared to be open about his status as the manager of the rocking saw. He admitted that he was still working on several work contracts. Even though it is known that the relationship between the two stretched so that they did not communicate with each other and were separated for a month.

So what did Angga Wijaya say when he was asked about the continuation of the collaboration with Dewi Perssik after the separation?

“No, thank God, the work is fine,” said Angga Wijaya at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Monday (4/7/2022).

Even today, Angga Wijaya is still managing several Dewi Perssik work contracts with third parties.

“I am still carrying out some work. Indeed, I was carrying out the contract at that time,” said Angga Wijaya.

However, in the future, Angga Wijaya cannot talk much about the continuation of the collaboration with Dewi Perssik. Although he still hopes to maintain a good relationship with the woman who is familiarly called Depe.

“Even though we’re not together anymore, we just want to be like brothers,” said Angga Wijaya.

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