Fuji Bite Finger? Like Has Been Rejected by the Lightning Gene Due to Not Getting Souvenirs, Netizens Auto Pry Fuji: Low Attitude, Boy!

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1NEWS, Bogor —

After five months of dating, the news of Fuji not being approved by Gen Halilintar has resurfaced. As is well known, Gen Halilintar will soon return to Indonesia to visit his first grandson, Ameena Hanna Nur Atta.

No doubt Gen Halilintar also bought a lot of souvenirs for his extended family in Indonesia. But apparently, Fuji’s name was not mentioned as one of the people who got the souvenirs.

This also confirms that Fuji is not approved by both Tariq Halilintar’s parents.

Reporting from YouTube Celebrity Oncam News, Fuji recently looked lethargic when he revealed the moment he failed to meet the Tariq family in Singapore.

Flying all the way to Singapore following Tariq, Fuji had to swallow the bitter pill of failing to meet Geni Faruk and Anofial Asmid.

“That’s fine, it’s okay, maybe they’re busy,” Fuji said.

Fuji admitted that he was still waiting for the right time to meet his lover’s family.

“God willing, if Allah allows it, Bismillah Allahuakbar,” he concluded.

On the other hand, it was reported from the Instagram account @rumpi_gossip because there were not a few netizens who said that Fuji was rude to Tariq.

“Bu Gen, because it’s far away, try it in Indo, it’s over,”

“This low attitude is a kid, I hope Thor’s mate is like Una’s girlfriend Fahmi. It’s not really if you enter the Halilintar Gen family, it’s normal for the child to be ajeb and rude,”

“Moreover, Tariq’s mother is tough, you know, if you’re not comfortable with someone, you’ve lost,”

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