Global Situation of Energy Price Hoist, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Encourages Efficiency

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ACCURATE.CO Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif said the current energy situation is influenced by several main issues. These include the energy transition and the existence of programs towards net zero emissions, including the development of new and renewable energy (EBT) and demands for decarbonization.

The second challenge is the Covid-19 pandemic and the availability of energy that must be maintained, as well as the war between Russia and Ukraine which may last a long time which causes soaring energy prices, therefore strategic steps are needed to overcome it.

“There is a need for a strategy to overcome the energy crisis by utilizing energy as efficiently as possible, looking at alternative energy sources to contribute to the country to overcome this crisis,” said Arifin during a joint working meeting with the Minister of Industry, yesterday.

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Airifin also conveyed energy issues that need support from the Ministry of Industry, including the implementation of energy efficiency, controlling the consumption of BBM and LPG PSO, accelerating the development of EBT, accelerating the mineral and coal downstream industry, applying SNI standards for lubricants, utilizing gas for industry, as well as evaluating the implementation of Oil and Gas Levels. Domestic Component (TKDN).

In addition, other synergy policies, such as certain natural gas prices for industries that have been carried out well so far, are very beneficial, especially when the current gas price in the market can reach around US$ 20/MMBTU in Europe.

“We hope that the industrial sector can take advantage of the special gas price facility, considering that the crisis caused by the war is estimated to last for one to two years. This is an opportunity for the industry to increase output and expand, thereby gaining opportunities to compete in the international market,” said Arifin.


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