Having a weekly salary of IDR 6.7 billion, Robert Lewandowski chooses to take an economy flight

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“It’s very different from the Indonesian League players who love their girlfriend Mini Cooper…”

1NEWSRobert Lewandowski chose a commercial flight on his way home from a summer vacation in Spain with his wife, Anna Lewandowska. It happened after he had dinner with Xavi Hernandez. And, it’s a simple gesture that deserves two thumbs up.

With a fee earned from Bayern Munich For £369,000 per week, Robert Lewandowski can buy anything, including a private jet. Minimum rent a special plane.

The Polish national footballer casually chose to use a commercial plane, without a special escort, and mingled with other passengers. There is no anxiety or paranoia towards other passengers. Robert Lewandowski seemed to really enjoy his trip.

The whereabouts of Robert Lewandowski on an ordinary commercial plane was known from his wife’s post, Anna, on Instagram stories. Anna shows her husband queuing up the stairs of a commercial plane with other passengers.

The former karate athlete in Poland also uploaded a photo of herself and her husband sitting relaxed in the departure lounge while waiting for a flight from Palma de Mallorca to Munich. Both seemed not with the children left in their house.

“Four fun days with friends. However, we miss our children. So, it’s time to go back home,” Anna wrote in the caption.

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Robert Lewandowski and Anna have been married since 2013. The two met when Anna was still an athlete and for the Polish national karate team. They have two daughters, Klara and Laura, who live in Germany and are occasionally seen attending Allianz Arena.

Uniquely, during his vacation in Spain, Robert Lewandowksi was also in Ibiza. In fact, rumors state, that’s where he met Xavi Hernandez. Images posted to Twitter show Robert Lewandowski and Xavi Hernandez arriving at the same restaurant in Ibiza.

Although no one knows the conversation, Robert Lewandowski is rumored to be moving to Barcelona. With the income of TV broadcasting rights worth 178 million pounds (Rp. 3.2 trillion) recently obtained, it is likely that Barcelona dared to redeem Robert Lewandowksi’s price of 52 million euros (Rp. 814 billion).

So, we’ll see in the coming weeks until the 2022 summer transfer window is tightly closed.

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