Having the same fate as Yuni Shara, Dewi Perssik uncovers how to channel sexual desire: It’s not hypocritical, we…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Now, the news of Dewi Perssik’s divorce with Angga Wijaya is increasingly being discussed. Before marrying her husband, it was known that Dewi had been a widow for a long time.

After talking about his unlucky marriage, Depe, who is also known as Dewi Perssik, also doesn’t hesitate to talk about his sexual life.

Even though she doesn’t have a husband, she has her own way of channeling her sexual desires.

Apparently, the same thing was done by a senior singer, Yuni Shara also did a unique thing to channel her sexual desire.

When she was still a widow, Depe talked about her habits in terms of sexual activities. She admits keeping herself busy is one of the best ways to forget about sexual activity. However, this always ends in a dream.

“Yes, we can use a variety of things that we can do. If we are busy, we are tired, how do we go there, if we want to do that, we are tired sometimes carrying dreams and going out on our own,” said Dewi, quoted by Hops.ID from the Garuda YouTube channel. Update on Tuesday, (05/5/2022).

Not only by keeping himself busy, he also admits that he sometimes uses sex aids to complete his inner needs. Not without reason, this was done by Depe because he did not want to have sexual relations outside of marriage.

“We can’t be hypocrites, there are many tools for us to satisfy ourselves. Many are like sex toys, I can speak as it is. I’ve had husband and wife relationships but I don’t like free sex, I really appreciate sex as an intimacy, not everyone can take it easy Dewi Persik. I have to have a wedding first, then I can have sex. If there is no marriage, then I use (sex aids),” he said.

Just like Depe, it turns out that Yuni Shara also did the same thing after turning 14 years old as a widow.

“I’m old, I went to Holland (Netherlands), I went to a sex shop. Because no one knew I was (in Holland), so I just asked,” explained Yuni Shara, quoted by Hops.ID from the YouTube channel. Deddy Corbuzier accessed on Tuesday, 05 July 2022.

“Since then I have ‘friends’. Don’t bother, I can manage myself, I can keep it for myself, that’s my best friend,” he said.

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