Ki Kusumo Ready to Print MMA Athletes with Achievements

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1NEWS – The Indonesian Amateur Martial Arts Federation (FBAI) held an organizational socialization at the INA Sport Festival 2022 exhibition in Jakarta.

In the sports exhibition initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, FBAI also presented a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) demonstration and demonstrated various techniques.

Chairman of the FBAI Ki Kusumo said Indonesia is rich in a variety of martial arts. Starting from karate, taekwondo, kung fu, to pencak silat.

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“I see that there is no special forum for mixed martial arts, especially the parent organization under the auspices of the government,” he said, Monday (4/7).

According to him, Indonesia is like a strong machine, there are many fighters but they don’t have a platform.

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“There are many people who want to play like the UFC, play top-down, etc., but don’t have a platform,” said Ki Kusumo.

“So this is a place to foster and explore mixed martial arts athletes so that in the future they can achieve more. Either locally or the world later,” he continued.

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Moreover, several programs are being prepared by the FBI.

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